Poplar Tree Road Bridge Now Open

Poplar Tree Road Bridge Now Open

The Poplar Tree Road extension and bridge over Route 28 in Chantilly has just opened, connecting Walney and Stringfellow roads on the east side of Route 28 with Stonecroft Boulevard and Westfields Boulevard on the west side. Featuring a shared-use path linking to the new E.C. Lawrence Park access road, the bridge also gives bicyclists and pedestrians – especially those living on the west side of Route 28 – improved access to the park.

“The community has been asking for this access for the last 10 years,” said Park Manager John Shafer. “And it’s now available by using the mixed-use path on the north side of Poplar Tree Road until the crossing at the Poplar Tree and Walney Road traffic light.” This road further provides direct accessibility to E.C. Lawrence’s active-recreation complex and play structures for the neighborhoods to the east of the park.

As for the new bridge, it includes two travel lanes in each direction; its 10-foot-wide path is on the north side. Built to accommodate the possible, future expansion of Poplar Tree Road, this bridge is just one of several, recent Route 28 improvements that are part of the Transform 66 Outside the Beltway Project.

For example, a new Route 28 north bridge span opened Nov. 4, and new ramps from Braddock Road to Route 28 south and I-66 west opened Nov. 7. Also last month, the final traffic signals between Route 7 in Sterling and Route 29 in Centreville were removed. And a new ramp from Route 28 north to I-66 east opened Nov. 25.

Additional connections between Route 28 north, I-66 west and the new Braddock/ Walney roads overpass are slated to open in the upcoming weeks. The Poplar Tree Road Bridge was partially funded by the $500 million concession fee payment to Virginia by I-66 Express Mobility Partners; FAM Construction LLC built it.