Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Seminary Road is Safer

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Seminary Road is Safer

I live in Seminary Ridge and originally opposed the reduction of lanes on Seminary Road from Howard Street to Quaker Lane.

However, the controversial realignment has been a positive change for the community. It has slowed auto traffic, and improved pedestrian, bike and automobile safety. I use the bike path and the sidewalks during the evening hours and feel much safer. The additional pedestrian flashing light crossings will improve pedestrian use and safety, especially near bus stops.

Hopefully any additional changes will not impact Dash or WAMATA bus service on Seminary Road. I use the AT2 and believe the safer pedestrian crossings will encourage greater use of public transit to the King Street Metro Station during rush hour.

Traffic occasionally backs up at Quaker Lane and Howard Street during morning and evening rush hour. This may improve with better signage and signalization. It may also hasten commuters to find other alternative transportation modes or routes to and from work.

The pedestrian island on Seminary Road at Chapel Hill Drive should be re-evaluated. It is a legitimate concern the pedestrian island will unreasonably slow or impede westbound emergency vehicles going to Inova Alexandria Hospital during rush hours. The pedestrian activated flashing yellow lights maybe enough for safe pedestrian crossing. Removing the traffic island curb would facilitate traffic movement during an emergency.

Although I originally opposed the change, I believe the Mayor and City Council made the right decision. Seminary Road between Howard Street and Quaker Lane is more walkable and safer.

Dave Cavanaugh