People: Reston Mother of Three Paints Pictures Through Song

People: Reston Mother of Three Paints Pictures Through Song


Lorrie Loch

Through trials and tribulations of life, a Reston mother of three places her heart center stage for a musical adventure. Lorrie Loch has been through it all; adversity, lost love and ultimately, the ever-painful divorce. But she has much to still smile about. Her unique approach in creating music is not just a hobby, it gives her a mission to bring something beautiful to

life and share with the world. It's not every day we see an over forty-year-old mom strap on a six string or slam away on her double-bass drum kit. But when she does, the audience better get

ready! Loch has developed a unique approach in creating music which can be only described as a combination of heartfelt bluesy ballads, cutting edge alternative rock peppered with a Led Zeppelin's vibe that stirs the soul.

"Every song I write is a step in a growth process," says Loch. "When I get an emotional picture in my mind, I find a challenge in my heart to create music for others to see through lyrics, melody and harmony."

This isn't Loch's first time out. She started honing her musical skill writing songs at age 14, performing her first concert with a band at 17 and entered the studio at just age 19 to make her first recording. At an early age, she would listen to records and would visualize images in her mind of what the song was about and what it meant to her, using the same approach now to write her own music.

Her three children Victoria (21), Jonathan (14) and Rachel (12) are regulars at her performances at local coffeehouses, cafes, restaurant bars and venues around the Virginia and DC Metropolitan area. They stand up front, raise their arms and cheer as they genuinely get a kick out of seeing Mom Rock. All in all, when Lorrie hits the stage, there's a lot of love in the room. To learn more about Lorrie Loch, visit