Opinion: Letter to the Editor: I Received 100% of the Vote

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: I Received 100% of the Vote

Voting Nov. 5th last year seems like a long time ago especially since our current departure from the norm. But it is true, I actually did get 100% of the vote. On a single ballot. Of course, I voted for myself on the write-in line. So that should give you enough confidence to vote for me next time around for Council. Oh, did I say I was a Republican? We need some of that around here. If we had a couple of folks with an ‘R’ behind their name, we might achieve some semblance of balance in Alexandria, which we clearly do not currently have. I was encouraged recently, given a serious intent to run, to mask my party affiliation, but fiscal conservatism, Pentagon stewardship, and as a former flag officer with an MBA and a masters in secure Information and cybersecurity at a time when it is most needed, would certainly disqualify me. Additionally, masking my affiliation would not be prudent, lacks prima facie integrity, and impossible to do anyway in light of myriad issue positions.

In a perfect situation, I would be running as the Republican candidate from Old Town North. Oh. I forgot again, we do not have precincts, nor ward representation. What we have is at-large acquiescence to a city manager who raises our taxes without representation. Sure, City Council conducts hearings with input from select committees, but take a closer look at their party affiliation and inclination toward special interests. Tax-raises-after-tax-raises. Please feel free to examine our Chatham Square HOA annual budgets that support 152 million-dollar plus units where you may observe that we have not raised our fees in over five years. Yet, we possess a substantial reserve surplus and tiered long-term secure investments on behalf of the entire complex. Time for a modicum of change. After all we live in the Port City with our own vintage ship dockside. So, to parrot a pirate parody, a little R’dy, R, R could go a long way here.

Bill Jacobs

Chatham Square, Alexandria