Opinion: Letter to the Editor: A Generation Capable of Change

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: A Generation Capable of Change

What kind of world do you want to live in, a world where you have no problems or issues to fix in your community? A world where you are always living in comfort and safety? Or a world where you are constantly fighting for your people, fixing mistakes that your people did not even make. Any reasonable person would pick the first option, but some people don't have a choice. Why weren't we taught as students the many issues happening in our world right now? Why are we only taught about events that happened years and years ago, that we cannot change or fix? Of course, students should be taught of this country’s and this world's history. But what about the history that is taking place at this moment. So many young students have interests, passions, and goals they just can't accomplish in their position. They have no other option but to settle and push aside their dreams to make it through life. We need to be given the proper opportunities that can help us find what we can strive for and what we love. We should be educated and informed about all the injustices happening right now because I know that young people can make a difference. This shouldn't be a debate or an argument, there just has to be change. I know so many young, bright, individuals that so desperately want to make a change, but simply don't know if their voices are being heard. They feel as if their efforts have no outcomes and words have no meaning. But we, as a community, need to prove them wrong. This generation is going to be the one to make a change, so they need support, love, a quality education, and they need someone to believe in them. Only then can they make the change they know deep down they are capable of.

Manal Khalid


Westfield High School, 16, Junior