Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Just a Few Thoughts

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Just a Few Thoughts

So as I walk and drive around town, I find several things curious. First, why is it that as redevelopment occurs around or near the King Street Metro area that redeveloped parcels fall on line with Federalist exterior facades/architecture, but in the "Old & Historic District" or east of Washington Street, not much or at all?

Discretionary projects. Why is the city going to spend money to redo Taylor Run at Chinquipin Park, but not fix the Holmes Run trail from Van Dorn to Beauregard? What ever happened to upgrading those sewer outflows that the city put on the back burner after upgrading it under Gibbon Street?

And our school system. I never understood why Minnie Howard was not upgraded when TC was finished as it would or should have been designed for the added capacity at the time? For that matter, every elementary school as it is upgraded or rebuilt should be done at Lyles Crouch capacity or is the goal to continue to upgrade to yesterday's needs? What is the point of ignoring zoning ordinances if you're just going to hand out zoning exemptions like candy on Halloween to developers?

Just think of the money you'll spend on the Duke Street transit way and how far that could go to getting the school capacity to meet tomorrow's needs and not yesterdays. It just makes you all look like marionette puppets with the developers pulling the strings.

Ruben "Bill" Duran