Blood Donations Needed

Blood Donations Needed

Since 1970, blood donors have been recognized in the month of January during National Blood Donor Month. This January, the blood supply is critically low for nearly all blood types. If you have Type O, Type A or Type B blood, make an appointment to donate in the next few days to help boost the blood supply and ensure there is an adequate supply for our community in case of accidents and emergencies. There is no substitute for blood when a patient needs a lifesaving transfusion. All donors will receive an exclusive mug as a thank you for their donation.

Appointments are required, and all donors must wear a mask.

“Donating blood saves lives. Your gift of time makes a difference to patients in our community. Join us this January and each time you are eligible to help heal patients and give them a second chance to create lasting memories with their loved ones. Everyday heroes are blood donors and for that we are grateful,” says Heather Wade, Manager of Donor Recruitment at Inova Blood Donor Services.

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