Remembering Molly

Remembering Molly

West Springfield Elementary school will hold a dedication ceremony for Molly Ingram’s Memorial Bench, open to families with students at West Springfield.  

“At our ceremony, we will remember Molly, one of our dear first graders, who tragically passed away in July of 2020,” said Principal Kelly Sheers in a letter to parents. “Our Mustang community raised the funds to have this beautiful bench created in her memory. ...

“Molly was a voracious reader, so we also invite you to take part in our WSES Book Drive to honor her by spreading her passion for reading.  From the time she was a baby, books were one of Molly’s most treasured items and her love for them, both reading and later writing them, grew exponentially throughout her life.”

You can donate books in honor of Molly by purchasing through WSES Library’s Amazon wish list and send the books directly to the school.

Alternatively, families can choose a favorite children’s book to donate to the school library in honor of Molly. All donated books receive a special label remembering Molly on the inside cover.

Molly Ingram was born with omphalocele, a birth defect where the intestines and organs are formed outside of the abdomen, which can sometimes be corrected with surgery.

“Her surgery did not go as planned,” according a First Baptist Church of Springfield Virginia Facebook post in June, 2020, calling for prayers for a miracle for Molly, and sharing a link to a video, Molly’s Story, about Molly's life narrated by her mother.