Arlington County Board Adopts New Logo

Arlington County Board Adopts New Logo

New Arlington Logo

New Arlington Logo

In an effort to find a new symbol that represents Arlington’s values and assets as a community, the County Board voted 5-0 to adopt a new logo.


New Arlington Logo The final choice, which represents Arlington’s close relationship with DC and Alexandria and echoes how Arlington was formed from the original Capital borders, comes after a months-long community engagement process in which residents were encouraged to submit ideas and then submit their preferences on top options that aligned with the County’s guidelines. More than 16,000 Arlingtonians shared their top choices in the most recent round of public engagement.

Last year, the County Board approved a process to replace the County logo and seal, which depicted Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial. For many residents, the home of the Confederate general is a painful representation of the slavery that took place in our region. Community members submitted hundreds of ideas for Arlington County’s new logo during two rounds of submissions earlier this year, which was then evaluated by a Logo Review Panel and further enhanced by a professional design firm to find images that best depicted the assets and values of the County and presented for public input.

Outdoor Dining

The Board also authorized a Request to Advertise a public hearing to amend the Continuity of Government Ordinance related to Temporary Outdoor Seating Areas (TOSAs) for County food establishments to continue to provide temporary outdoor seating and ensure that affected businesses have sufficient time to plan following the end of emergency-granted allocations. Staff are working on a strategic plan to explore whether the flexibilities provided as part of the TOSA program initiated in response to the COVID-19 emergency should be incorporated into established regulatory provisions for outdoor dining. This future process would also include public hearings prior to any formal Board action.


The Board approved a fund transfer to APS in the amount of approximately $15.1 million for construction of Phase II of stormwater infrastructure at Cardinal Elementary School, located at 1644 N. McKinley Road. These funds will be used to create an underground stormwater management facility that will help mitigate the impacts from flooding for the Torreyson Run Watershed. This project is expected to begin in November.