Colvin Run Mill Detour

Colvin Run Mill Detour

It may now be a bit more difficult to reach Colvin Run Mill Historic Site due to highway construction. Starting this week and continuing through June 2022, all drivers leaving Colvin Run Mill will turn right and proceed to the east end of Colvin Run Road to access Route 7 eastbound and westbound as crews perform utility work and other construction activities at the west end of Colvin Run Road.

Drivers entering the mill on Route 7 westbound will still be able to turn left onto Colvin Run Road at the Route 7/Delta Glen Court/Colvin Run Road intersection (west end of Colvin Run Road). Drivers entering the mill on Route 7 eastbound will still be able to turn right on Colvin Run Road at the Route 7/Carpers Farm/Colvin Run Road intersection.

Site Manager Julie Gurnee said the site will place signage to ease visitors’ travels and access to the site. “Coming from the west, all visitors are able to turn onto Colvin Run Road at the first entrance (Delta Glen) to enter; but to exit to Route 7, visitors will all turn right out of the site to turn onto Route 7 at the Carpers Farm/Route 7 intersection,” Gurnee said.

For more information, call 703-759-2771. Colvin Run Mill is located at 10017 Colvin Run Road in Great Falls, Virginia. Visit Colvin Run Mill for more information.

It’s worth the trip. The Colvin Run Mill Store is open Thursday – Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. All grain and teas can now be purchased in the store during those hours.

We offer White and Yellow Grits, White and Yellow Cornmeal, Soft and Hard Wheat Flour and Buckwheat. All grains are ground on site at the Historic Mill.

All grain comes in 2-lb bags for $7.97.

We also offer local tea blends from the Great Falls Tea Garden for $10/bag.

Along with these supplies, our historic early 20th century store sells toys, “penny” candy, jewelry, mugs and many other interesting finds. Visiting the store is an adventure in itself. See more information on our Colvin Run Mill General Store webpage.