Philanthropy Group of Great Falls Women’s Club Holds Benefit Tour

Philanthropy Group of Great Falls Women’s Club Holds Benefit Tour

Sneak peek of Riverbend Park’s bluebells, and bald eagles benefit FORB, Inc.

On April 6, 25 ticket holders, including children, were treated to early views of Riverbend Park's bluebells and bald eagles. The Great Falls Women's Club (GFWC) Philanthropy Group organized the tours led by naturalists. According to June Kelly, vice president of philanthropy for GFWC, funds from ticket sales and donations through their website will benefit the nonprofit organization Friends of Riverbend, Inc. (FORB). 

Riverbend is tucked away in a remote location at 8700 Potomac Hill St., Great Falls. FORB supports the Park Authority’s many programs at the park through activities and volunteerism. Funds from the GFWC philanthropy group will help support FORB’s efforts in impacting children's scholarships programs, scout projects, and other needs.

The county park encompasses about 400 acres of forest, meadows, and ponds along the Potomac River. Virginia Bluebells have spread across the river's floodplains at Riverbend Park. Bluebells grow in low clumps, spreading by rhizomes and self-seeding. They have dark blue trumpet-shaped flowers nodding downward to meet the plant’s dark green foliage.

"Everybody loves to see the bluebells. They are the Virginia State Flower," said Hugh Morrow III, president of FORB. He sat at a table outside the park’s visitors center before Wednesday's tours, preparing to sell hundreds of potted bluebells purchased from a local nursery. Sale proceeds will also benefit FORB. Contributions to FORB are always welcome at