Covid in Montgomery County

Covid in Montgomery County

Booster shots.

Booster shots.

There were 2,769 new Covid-19 cases reported Jan. 10 in Montgomery County.



Where To Get Test Kits

Kit pickup is inside each library. You might enter at a side entrance. If you come early, you may wait outdoors. The line moves fast. If you need support, please ask a site attendant.

Residents can get two kits per person per visit. Each kit contains two tests.

We have a limited supply of kits per site. We have resupply on the way.

Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

CLOSED Monday, January 18, for the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday

Starting Tuesday, January 19: 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Check online for more.


Emergency Town Hall on schools held Sunday, Jan. 9.

Town Hall on Schools Draws 5,000

Councilmember Tom Hucker pulled together an Emergency Virtual Town Hall on Schools on Sunday, Jan. 9. Hucker held the town hall meeting in response to hundreds of constituents who contacted him last week about Montgomery County Public Schools’ Covid-19 safety measures, learning conditions, operational challenges and concerns for student well-being. “My office received over 600 messages last Friday alone asking for urgent action,” Hucker said.

More than 5,000 people tuned in on Zoom and Facebook to watch live and more than 200 people requested to speak. 

You can access the recording here

While the Montgomery County Council does not have direct authority over Montgomery County Public Schools, here are the actions Hucker said he would take:

  1. We compiled all the questions and comments we received from attendees and speakers, and shared them with County leaders, including those who have decision-making authority over our public schools: MCPS leadership, Board of Education members, the Department of Health and Human Services and the County Executive. To protect any individuals who did not want their identity disclosed, we did not share names or contact information.

  2. I am calling on MCPS to take action to urgently address the critical concerns that were expressed during the town hall. They should: 

    • Require negative tests to return to school this week;

    • Clarify what the standards are for creating a safe and adequate learning environment in schools, including necessary personnel like teachers, substitutes, bus drivers, school nurses, support staff and building service workers;

    • Work with the State on an opt-out COVID-19 testing strategy for parent notification, rather than an opt-in system;

    • Now that tests are being widely distributed at libraries and other locations, provide testing on site for all staff and students who request it; and

    • Explain why MCPS has not chosen a two-week pause with virtual instruction during the peak of virus spread to ensure there are enough MCPS staff available to transport students to school, teach students, serve meals and support the well-being of students. Also so students who are staying safe at home due to being sick with COVID, exposed to COVID or to not expose vulnerable family members, aren’t left behind.


Masks Required Again

The Montgomery County Council, acting as the County Board of Health, earlier this week approved an amended Board of Health regulation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to update indoor masking guidance in the County. The new regulation continues indoor mask requirements at any location accessible to the public in Montgomery County until 11.59 p.m. on Jan. 31.

The Council will meet as the Board of Health every two weeks to evaluate the public health data associated with community transmission of COVID-19 to determine if the indoor mask mandate should continue.

The COVID-19 omicron variant has pushed Montgomery County and other areas of the country into an extended period of high COVID-19 transmission. Consequently, Acting Health Officer James Bridgers requested that the Council, sitting as the Board of Health. rescind the automatic termination of the indoor mask mandate.