Executive Director, Police Civilian Review Panel

Executive Director, Police Civilian Review Panel

The Board of Supervisors appointed Steven Richardson as the executive director of the Fairfax County Police Civilian Review Panel. The appointment is effective Monday, Feb. 28.

The panel reviews completed Police Department investigations of complaints alleging abuse of authority or serious misconduct, to ensure accuracy, completeness, thoughtfulness, objectivity and impartiality. Learn more about how the panel works on the Civilian Review Panel webpage. https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/policecivilianreviewpanel/complaint-process

Richardson previously served as operations captain for the George Washington University Police Department. In this role, he supervised the performance of all investigations, detectives, patrol services and personnel. Richardson also studied the deployment of resources and recommended more effective deployments when needed. In addition, he reviewed all use-of-force incidents and adjudicated patrol officer union grievances. 

Previously, Richardson also served as criminal magistrate for North Carolina’s Judicial District 26; project manager and courts and corrections senior advisor for the Cook County, Ill. Sheriff’s Office; fellow at the University of Chicago Crime Lab; police officer and investigator for the New York City Police Department; and legislative director for a New York City Council member.

Richardson holds a Bachelor of Arts in African-American studies from Binghamton University. He will receive an annual salary of $120,000.