Endometriosis Conference an Important Resource for Women

Endometriosis Conference an Important Resource for Women

You may have the ‘Silent Disease’ and not know it

Want to meet the “Egg Whisperer?” Considering surgery for Endometriosis? The Endometriosis Foundation is highlighting March, Endometriosis Awareness Month, with a month-long conference (online) educating women who have Endometriosis or suspect they do, giving them multiple resources for understanding their options. Because of this proactive effort to get out ahead of the problem, people who might have gone ahead with surgery before freezing eggs, will understand that freezing eggs might be a good idea. People who hesitate to talk about their Endometriosis diagnosis will be encouraged to seek others and will be given a chance to meet people with similar diagnoses. Every case is different, but one thing is a clear message from the conference: there are effective ways to deal with infertility, anxiety, and pain but patients must be proactive and read the fine print. 

The conference, called “Endometriosis 2022: Here, there, and everywhere,” features virtual programming that will run during the entire month of March, four sessions, every Sunday of March. 

The Foundation’s state-of-the-art conference portal will allow for video “coffee breaks” around a “digital table” to chat with fellow “endometriosis warriors.” 

The first week is dedicated to the problem of infertility and Endo.  Presentations such as “Diminished Ovarian Reserve/Early Ovarian Compromise Strategies” by Kutluk Oktay, M.D.  and “Endometriosis - Specific Protocols: Bringing Back Patient-Centric Treatment” by Brian Levine, M.D.  are interspersed with “Patient’s Journey” stories of recent lessons learned by Endo patients. Enrolling in the conference is seamless: https://www.endofound.org/patientday

And to learn more about the Endometriosis Foundation, or to donate: see: https://www.endofound.org