Letter: Advantages of Real-world Connection

Letter: Advantages of Real-world Connection

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the article titled “SLHS Program Launches Student-led company” published in your newspaper by Mercia Hobson, on March 9, 2022.

High School students these days are so busy whether it being from sports, homework or life in general but taking the time to create and manage a small business is no easy feat. Extremely motivating, as these SLHS Students started and operated an entire company, whose net proceeds are being donated to each student’s chosen charity.

So much is being learnt from this activity, from business skills, to interpersonal skills and humanitarian adeptness. Something most teenagers these days lack and graduate High School without any of that knowledge. A real-world connection is a huge advantage to these students as they learn how to navigate life outside the classroom. 

Education has been so focused in the classroom and so many students once they leave the “textbook” are lost in the real world. This project was a perfect culmination of making education more relevant and engaging by allowing students to apply a hands on approach.

Schools and programs should take this and make it part of their curriculum, to make education more relevant, as it is a key factor in teaching kids hands on experience and problem solving.

Danielle Shahin