Lost in McLean: Best Friend and Bass Bow

Lost in McLean: Best Friend and Bass Bow

Bassist Ali Cook has lost her best friend. Ali, a classical bass player from Austin TX, flew into town this week for concerts with her music group, QuinTango. Because basses cannot travel on airplanes, Ali can fly with only her bow, which is okay because with that bow she can make any bass sound great. Mysteriously that bow went missing after Sunday night’s performance for the Emerson Avenue Salon series in McLean. (Possibly left on the roof of a car?) Somewhere her bass bow in its vintage canvas-covered bow case is waiting for Ali to find it so they can make beautiful music again.    

Ali’s phone – 248-990-4127

Local contact:  Joan Singer, Director of QuinTango, 571-241-7683; joan@quintango.com