Misleading Flyer on One-lane Bridge

Misleading Flyer on One-lane Bridge

To the Editor:

I am concerned as president of the Great Falls Citizens Association (GFCA) because recently

a one-page document was hand delivered to some homes along Walker Road; it discussed

some issues with regard the replacement of the current one-lane bridge. This broadside was

written with liberal use of my name and email address, hence many Walker Road residents

called me, assuming I, as GFCA president, had written and approved that document. I had

never seen it and it was never discussed or approved by GFCA.

It is deceitful when a resident or group of residents distorts public communications. I would

like to let those Walker Road residents know that GFCA is engaged with the Virginia

Department of Transportation on discussions about replacement of that bridge, and GFCA, of

course, welcomes all Great Falls residents’ views on that replacement. But GFCA will not

seek to deceive residents as the author of this bogus broadside has done.

William Canis

President, Great Falls Citizens Association