New Vehicle Charging Stations

New Vehicle Charging Stations

Springfield Town Center is EV friendly.

The Springfield Town Center is moving and expanding their electric vehicle charging stations to make way for a Hilton project that is planned for the spot in the parking lot where the first charging station went up a few years ago near JCPenney parking garage.

Workers were moving the charging stations to make way for a larger Home2 by Hilton project that is slated to go in at the town center in the near future. Last December PREIT, the property development company that runs Springfield Town Center, announced that it has obtained unanimous approval from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for the development of 460 apartments and a 165-room hotel, paving the way for the sale of the land parcels both of which are under agreement of sale.

The new Tesla Supercharging stations are part of the new atmosphere at the town center. Retail shopping is losing ground while this part of Springfield is growing in other ways and electric vehicles are part of the picture.

New Filling Stations

According to the International Energy Agency, there were over 2.3 million electric cars sold in the first quarter of 2023 and they expect to see 14 million sold by the end of this year. That means electric cars could account for 18% of total car sales across the full calendar year, IEA reports.

In September 2022, the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Plans for all 50 States were released under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, established by President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, $5 billion will be available over the next five years to help build a convenient, reliable, and affordable EV charging network across the country, DOT said. 

It's not clear if the new charging station at the Springfield Town Center is directly linked this effort, but it is for the increasing number of electric vehicles in this area.