North Hill Provides New Housing Options for All

North Hill Provides New Housing Options for All

A place to call our own is important to each and every one of us, in so many different ways. A home provides comfort, a gathering place for family and friends, safety, stability and so much more. Whether through ownership or rental, where you live connects you with community, outdoors, shopping, education, entertainment, transportation and employment. This month, after more than 30 years in the planning, we will open North Hill and the Residences at North Hill, featuring affordable, senior and market rate homes. Please join us on June 14 at 10 a.m. at North Hill (7250 Nightingale Hill Lane) for this community celebration. Apply today: and

Since the late 70s, I have been championing housing issues. While President of Good Shepherd Housing’s (GSH) Board, beginning in 2001, I led efforts for GSH to begin purchasing its own units. Affordable rentals and, preferably, homeownership has and will always be the “Holy Grail” for me. As Supervisor for the past seven years, I have supported and advocated for County programs providing opportunities for lower income families to purchase and own their own homes. Learn more:

We often talk about affordable and supportive housing for those in need, but there is more to that picture. In order to house all who want to live in our neighborhoods, we need a wide mix of housing stock for every income level. From mobile home communities and large numbers of middle-class homes to waterfront estates, our Mount Vernon District has it all, but we need more housing just to keep up with high demand in our area. In the District over the last 3 years, we have added approximately 1264 housing units. Of those, approximately 881 are market rate, 404 are committed affordable and 49 are workforce affordable units. These new projects include The Arden, The Belhaven and Aventon. In addition, we are preserving 861 affordable units through Cityside and the County purchase of The Landings I and II, near Fort Belvoir. I have also led discussions between our mobile home communities and community organizers, as we work together to solve challenges around tenant ownership, needed site upgrades and protections for residents who own their home, but not the property on which it sits. 

My recent efforts also include helping our unhoused or homeless population through significant improvements at the existing Eleanor Kennedy Shelter, and ultimately, the new Penn Daw Fire Station, Emergency and Supportive Housing facility. To learn more about these plans, visit: Join us on June 8 at 7 p.m. for an in-person meeting at Bryant High School cafeteria, where County staff will present concept designs and seek feedback from the community on the co-location design options. 

All of these issues are important as we work collectively to build a strong, connected, vibrant community, and continue forward on our revitalization of Richmond Highway, while “Leaving No One Behind.”