FACETS’ Hypothermia Program Experiences Increase in Clients

FACETS’ Hypothermia Program Experiences Increase in Clients

With growing need and colder weather, seasonal shelter connects guests with services through April 1.

FACETS’ 40 faith partners are providing meals with different partners rotating week to week.

FACETS’ 40 faith partners are providing meals with different partners rotating week to week.

   Cots await people seeking shelter at FACETS from the cold at night.

FACETS began its annual Hypothermia Prevention and Response Program in late November and has experienced an increase in demand with cold weather and local need pushing up the numbers of people seeking shelter. The program rotates between various faith community partner locations throughout the winter to provide a warm, safe, and healthy environment for individuals experiencing homelessness to sleep every night.

“Protecting people experiencing homelessness in our community during the coldest months is the goal of our Hypo effort. In the first two weeks, we are seeing demand for our services jump over last year,” said Joe Fay, Executive Director, FACETS. “We have more than 40 faith partners helping house and feed our neighbors during winter nights. We are grateful for their continued commitment in providing these life-saving services.”   

FACETS, a nonprofit that helps those affected by poverty, hunger, and homelessness in Fairfax County, operates the Hypothermia Prevention and Response Program from Nov. 26 through April 1 in Region 4 of the county’s four human services areas. The Hypothermia Prevention program helps neighbors experiencing homelessness find respite from the cold winter. The program serves people across Fairfax and Falls Church in partnership with the Fairfax County government and over 40 faith communities. Last year, FACETS’ Hypo program helped 288 different individuals. In the first few weeks, FACETS has already served 125 individuals, compared to 71 for the same period last year.

FACETS’ faith partners are also providing meals for the program with different partners rotating week to week. In addition, FACETS offers personalized case management to all guests who want to participate to help them move off the streets and into safe and stable housing. 

With the second-largest homeless population in the region, homelessness is a real challenge in the Fairfax County-Falls Church community. With critical help from volunteers and partnerships with the faith and business communities, FACETS works to prevent and end homelessness throughout Fairfax County by offering a full spectrum of services, such as emergency basic needs and financial assistance, counseling and outreach, educational enrichment programs, and permanent housing.

Clients seeking program updates should call FACETS at 703-352-5090 ext. 1302. Households with children that are in need of assistance or shelter should call Coordinated Services Planning at (703) 222-0880. More information can be found at www.FACETSCares.org