NOVA PRIME Physical Therapy Opens in Chantilly

NOVA PRIME Physical Therapy Opens in Chantilly

Filling a gap in women’s health care here.

Celebrating after the ribbon cutting are (from left) Jignesh and Kruti Lakhani with daughter Diya, 1-1/2; Gaurang Gandhi (with glasses) and son Aavyan, 1; Shalini Varshney, Shital Gandhi, Kathy Smith and Lakhani’s brother Abhi. (Front row, from left) are Aarya Gandhi, 4 (Gaurang and Shital’s daughter) and Granthi Lakhani, 6 (Jignesh and Kruti’s daughter).

Celebrating after the ribbon cutting are (from left) Jignesh and Kruti Lakhani with daughter Diya, 1-1/2; Gaurang Gandhi (with glasses) and son Aavyan, 1; Shalini Varshney, Shital Gandhi, Kathy Smith and Lakhani’s brother Abhi. (Front row, from left) are Aarya Gandhi, 4 (Gaurang and Shital’s daughter) and Granthi Lakhani, 6 (Jignesh and Kruti’s daughter).

Determined to provide exceptional care, doctors Shital Gandhi and Kruti Lakhani have just opened NOVA PRIME Physical Therapy at 13995 Metrotech Drive in Chantilly. Both are experienced, certified physical therapists and are proud that their woman-owned clinic will fill a need in the community.

“When we were looking for a location, we learned that physical-therapy places here didn’t also offer women’s health,” explained Gandhi. Besides providing a wide array of other physical-therapy services, NOVA PRIME also focuses on improving women’s pelvic health and other conditions, plus enhancing their postpartum recovery after pregnancy.

“Sometimes, a woman can understand another woman’s situation better than a male can,” said Lakhani. “And women can feel more comfortable talking to another woman about their personal health conditions. Women do so many things for their families and jobs, but they also need to take time to take care of themselves.”

Gandhi and Lakhani have each worked in physical therapy for more than 10 years. And together, they aim to bring a new standard of personalized and empowering healthcare to the area. 

From left are Shital Gandhi and Kruti Lakhani with some of the therapy/exercise equipment. 


“We offer state-of-the-art techniques and modalities here, such as dry needling to relieve muscle pain, and high-end, electrotherapy modalities,” said Gandhi. “And we plan on adding laser and traction therapy soon. I’m also certified in ergonomics and spine manipulation, and Kruti excels in caring for orthopedic patients – particularly those recovering from surgery – and people dealing with injuries and balance problems.”

Among the clinic’s services are:

* Orthopedic Physical Therapy - Targeted interventions for musculoskeletal issues, injuries or chronic conditions.

* Post-Surgical Rehab - Recover and regain normal, daily activities after joint replacements, fracture or ligament repairs.

* Neurological Rehab - Improve gait/balance, quality of life after stroke, etc.

* Sport, Work and Auto Injury Rehab - Enable faster recovery, return to sports or work with confidence, prevent re-injury and improve performance.

Clinic hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.; and Saturday, 8 a.m.-noon. For appointments and more information, go to or call 571-774-6378. Referrals are not needed; appointments are preferred, but NOVA PRIME will give same-day appointments, if possible. 

The clinic’s official grand opening was held just before Christmas. But, said Lakhani, “We were very excited, even before then, because we’d received many calls from prospective patients. So we’ve had a good response.”

During the grand opening, both doctors spoke about their backgrounds with those attending. “A decade ago, my journey as a physical therapist began,” said Lakhani. “Over the years, I’ve worked at outpatient orthopedic clinics and have experience in treating neurological conditions, pre- and post-operative conditions and work-related injuries.”

“While treating patients and making connections with them, I thought about starting my own physical-therapy clinic and making a difference in people’s lives,” she continued. “Coincidentally, my friend Shital shared her similar dream, we started researching it and here we are today.”

Gandhi said her passion for physical therapy ignited when she was about 12 years old. “We had a family tradition to play badminton games every morning in the winter,” she said. “One day, while doing that, I injured my shoulder and couldn’t play it anymore. So I had to seek some help, and I came across physical therapy. It worked wonders for me, and I could go back to playing the game.”

Afterward, she became really curious about the field of physical therapy and resolved to learn more about it. As she grew, so did her interest in it. “Then when my older sister got into physical-therapist school, she really inspired me to help people and the community,” said Gandhi. “And that’s when I decided that’s what I wanted to do – I wanted to help people heal.”

So she, too, graduated from physical-therapy school in India. Then, after moving to the U.S., she worked in that field for five or six years before she and Lakhani made the decision to open their own facility and offer multiple specialties all in one place.

Gandhi said physical therapy is important because “you get to connect with people and give them the help they need, with a holistic approach. It’s not just curing one aspect of the body, but curing all of it, and working with patients on improving their strength, mobility and stability, and also their emotional wellbeing.”

She said few places in this area offer physical therapy for as many different conditions as theirs does. “We felt this was very needed in the community, and we didn’t want people to have to wait so long to get the treatment they required,” said Gandhi. “And now that we’ve opened NOVA PRIME, we want to thank everybody who helped to make this happen.”

Next, Dr. Shalini Varshney, an obstetrics and gynecology specialist in Fairfax County, said how pleased she was to be attending this clinic’s opening celebration. “Let us all join together to wish Shital and Kruti all the very best in their endeavor,” said Varshney. “And may NOVA PRIME Physical Therapy bring good health to all their patients.”

Supervisor Kathy Smith (D-Sully) also spoke to the crowd. “It’s so exciting to have this physical-therapy business that’s really focused on the health of all women, especially, to make their lives better,” she said. “We love to have you in the Sully District; we think this is a great part of Fairfax County. I know it’s not easy to find a place and put together a vision for your business. So I congratulate you on all this work, and I wish you very well in your business.” 

Lakhani said, “None of this would be possible without God’s grace, plus the outstanding support we received from our family and friends.” 

Agreeing, Gandhi also thanked both of their husbands for supporting them in this venture, “all the way from the beginning.”