‘Shining Example’ of Commitment to Duty in Centreville

‘Shining Example’ of Commitment to Duty in Centreville

PFC Jacob Juranek is Sully Police Officer of the Year.

PFC Jacob Juranek is flanked by Capt. Jane Russell, station commander, and Lt. Ryan Low, assistant station commander.

PFC Jacob Juranek is flanked by Capt. Jane Russell, station commander, and Lt. Ryan Low, assistant station commander.

PFC Jacob Juranek is the Sully District Police Station’s Officer of the Year for 2023. He was honored in front of his family and fellow officers during the Feb. 14 meeting of the station’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).

In his letter nominating Juranek, Sgt. Richard Boaz stressed that it’s a prestigious recognition and he was making this recommendation enthusiastically. And he stated that the young officer has “consistently exhibited qualities and dedication that epitomize the highest standards of our agency.” 

One recent incident, wrote Boaz, serves as “a shining example of PFC Juranek’s exceptional commitment to duty. In response to a stabbing report, he displayed swift and decisive action. Not only did he administer lifesaving measures to the victim, but he also demonstrated remarkable professionalism by keeping the individual calm and reassured throughout the ordeal. Thanks to Juranek’s quick and composed response, the victim has made a full recovery.” 

Yet even beyond this incident, explained Boaz, Juranek “consistently proves to be a proactive and vigilant officer. His regular patrols of his district result in numerous criminal arrests across a spectrum of charges, showcasing his unwavering dedication to maintaining public safety.” Boaz noted, as well, that Juranek interacts with community members with the “utmost professionalism,” earning their respect and trust. 

“Moreover, Juranek’s willingness to volunteer for special assignments underscores his commitment to the agency’s mission,” wrote Boaz. “His positive attitude, coupled with a strong work ethic, positions him as a valuable asset to our team. He enjoys the respect and admiration of his peers, as well as the trust of his supervisors and command staff.” 

In addition to Juranek’s “outstanding performance in critical situations and day-to-day responsibilities,” stated Boaz, this officer consistently demonstrates “formidable investigative skills. His investigations are not only thorough, but also pursued until all leads are exhausted. 

“These efforts have not gone unnoticed, as Juranek received a Highly Qualified ranking in the most recent Neighborhood Patrol Unit process. This recognition extends beyond his immediate supervisors, highlighting the broader acknowledgment of his exemplary contributions.” 

In conclusion, Boaz wrote, “It is unquestionable that PFC Juranek’s remarkable performance both in critical incidents and routine duties – coupled with his strong investigative skills – make him an exceptionally deserving candidate for the Sully District Station’s 2023 Officer of the Year Award.”


In addition, American Legion Post 1995 of Centreville submitted Juranek’s information to the American Legion Department of Virginia for consideration as its statewide Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. The results will be revealed at a later date.