Column: Lessons for Fairfax County from Ferguson, Mo.?

At first blush, it is hard to imagine much positive coming out of last week’s tragic news from Ferguson, Mo., where an unarmed 18-year-old man was shot six times by a police officer. Fairfax County is no stranger to such events. Police killings of unarmed people also occur in Fairfax County.

Column: Conservation as a Way of Life

For those whose parents lived through the Great Depression, you can skip the next few sentences since you know what I am about to say. For my younger readers, let me explain that life during the Great Depression (1935 to the mid-1940s) was so difficult that it made an indelible mark on the way that people thought and lived.

Letter: Why Join the Climate Change Debate?

To the Editor

The author of “Global Warming is Impacting Us Now” (Connection, Aug. 7-13, 2014) is right: we’re already seeing impacts of climate change in our communities.

Write Now, I Just Don’t Know

The biggest writing problem that I have, other than the ones you regular readers generally know about, is writing a current column on the weekend immediately preceding the next Wednesday’s publication date, when I am still waiting on results from my most recent CT Scan. This isn’t like putting the cart before the horse, this is more like putting the horse in the cart and pulling it.

Homelessness: Source of Trauma for Children

Nearly 700 children live in emergency homeless shelters in Fairfax County at some point during the year.

Summer vacation is wrapping up; kids everywhere are gearing up for the return to school. Stores are filled with school supplies; back-to-school advertising fills our TVs, radio and mailboxes. Many families are hustling from store to store getting supplies, backpacks, clothes and haircuts. As children, while we hated to see summer end, we fondly remember the yearly ritual and the excitement and anticipation of getting all those new things.

Letter: Back to School With Asthma

Back to school season is upon us! For many families, there’s more to do than sign up for activities and shop for supplies: 2,277 kids in Alexandria, 3,155 in Arlington, 417 in Fairfax City, and 23,441 in Fairfax County have asthma.

Column: Two Ladies Named Alice

I am blessed to have known both of them!

Letter: Fit Academics Into the Fun

Finding ways to fit academics into the fun is imperative to making sure children are prepared for the coming school year which begins in just a few short weeks.

Letter: Partnership for Children

To the Editor

Novus/Cafritz has been a supporter of Fairfax CASA for several years as a sponsor of our Run for the Children, which is held each May at the Fairfax County Courthouse. This past fall, we met with Novus and they offered to provide free office space in their new development when it is built!

Letter: Neighborhoods

Taylor Run


Letter: Lifesaving Community

To the Editor

I wanted to write and publicly thank everyone who helped with my blood drive on Aug. 1. So many people helped, from St. Andrew's Catholic Church who hosted us, Joyce Krolicki from Paul VI and Brenda Tingen from Inova who supported and guided us, my friends

Letter: Global Warming Is Impacting Us Now

To the Editor

On Wednesday, July 30, I joined hundreds in Washington, D.C. to show my support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan by testifying at the public hearing.

Letter: Loss of Trees

To the Editor

Letter: Inferior Replacement

To the Editor

Letter: Brightening Outlook for End of Summer

Local pleasures to offset discouraging news

The news here has been a bit discouraging, and that’s without considering the human tragedy and disaster of several different international situations... So here are a few end-of-summer activities that can serve as antidote.