Column: The Sad Saga of the McDonnells

Please tell me that I won’t have to see any more photos of the grim, or confidently smiling, faces of Bob McDonnell, Maureen, and their phalanx of lawyers either walking into or from the courtroom daily.

Column: Back to School

Although it has been many years since I was a teacher in the classroom, I still get a nervous stomach around Labor Day each year in anticipation of the beginning of a new school year. Teaching is the hardest work I have ever done in my life including being a legislator.

Letter: Worried About Follin Lane

Letter to the Editor

I am a sixth grade student at Vienna Elementary School. I live at the corner of Branch Rd. and Echols St. I think that they should not redo the road on Follin Lane because it will push more cars on our street making it more hectic than it already is.

Letter: The "Land of the Freebies and Home of the Knaves"

Letter to the Editor

I came from a family of Democrats. My grandfather's tavern in upstate New York was a frequent meeting place for Democrats including the late Congressman Sam Stratton who used to speak there regularly. But the Democrat party has lately come to represent “the Land of the Freebies and Home of the Knaves” instead of “the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.”

Opinion: Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

On Friday, Aug. 29, was one year since a still unidentified Fairfax County police officer shot and killed an innocent, non-violent, unarmed John Geer as he stood in the doorway of his Springfield home.

Letter: Opposing Medicaid Expansion

Letter to the Editor

For those who have vocally criticized Republican misgivings about Governor McAuliffe’s desires to expand Medicaid in Virginia -- including the Connection Newspapers -- one need look no further than the past couple weeks of state news to understand the fiscal irresponsibility that would have befallen Virginia had the expansion taken place.

Letter: Foust for Congress

Letter to the Editor

Judging from the billboard-sized signs in Great Falls, you’d think Comstock had voters there locked up. But duck beneath the signs, knock on some doors, and you hear a different story.

Letter: ‘Real Jobs’ and ‘Real Taxes’

To the Editor

In Leesburg on August 21, Supervisor John Foust, in discussing his opponent Delegate Barbara Comstock, said "I don't think [Comstock's] even had a real job."

Letter: Facing Homelessness

To the Editor

In his opinion piece (“Homelessness: Source of Trauma for Children,” Connection, August 13-19, 2014), Dean Klein, the Director of Fairfax County’s Office to Prevent and End Homelessness, clearly enumerated the reality for hundreds of homeless families and their children in the County.

Letter: Opposing Corporatism

To the Editor

I've lived here less than a week and I am already disappointed. Being politically active, I try to research my local representative's take on the issues.

Letter: Worried About Follin Lane

To the Editor

I am a sixth grade student at Vienna Elementary School. I live at the corner of Branch Rd. and Echols St. I think that they should not redo the road on Follin Lane

Facing Challenges of Next Half Century

U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-11) on Reston’s future.

It is shaping up to be another momentous year for Reston, and we have much to celebrate.

Letter: Janet's Bad Timing

Letter to the Editor

Last Thursday, an economic study of the Northern Virginia Economy (which includes Senator Janet Howell's 32nd Senate District) reported a projected anemic 2 percent Economic Growth Rate.

Representing Herndon in State Assembly

Delegate Tom Rust (R-86) serves the residents of Herndon, and parts of Oak Hill, Chantilly, and Sterling in the Virginia General Assembly. He has resided in the Town of Herndon all his adult life and remembers when Dulles Airport was nothing but forest; now he is looking forward to seeing the Silver Line constructed to Herndon.

Help Students Prepare for a Healthy School Year

As the summer draws to a close and parents look ahead to the school year, the change in daily routine offers an opportunity to change our routine meals. Setting our students and families up for success can come in many forms. Eating better meals and more frequently as families are just two ways we as parents can help our students excel.