Commentary: Congress Must Act to Stem Gun Violence Epidemic

Last week, America woke to what has become an all-too-common nightmare. A man driven by hate and armed with assault weapons carried out our nation’s worst mass shooting.

Potomac Letter: Another Tragedy

Letter to the Editor

Our hearts go out to the friends and families of the victims of Sunday’s tragic shooting in Orlando.

Potomac Letter: In Mourning

Letter to the Editor

The chairman, the board of directors and ordinary members of the Montgomery County Muslim Foundation strongly condemn the barbaric attack on innocent civilians in Orlando by an individual that claims to belong to our faith.

Arlington Letter: Benefits of Clean Energy

Letter to the Editor

In recent days, Governor McAuliffe has been receiving a lot of pressure to back down from his commitments to our climate and environment.

Arlington Letter: We Are One Community, One Nation

Letter to the Editor

Deeply disturbed by the Orlando massacre, I wanted to help the wounded, help those families, help that community, but I was feeling at a loss.

Commentary: Selective Accounting

The Commonwealth of Virginia prepares its budget on a biennial schedule. The budget proposed this year by the Governor and adopted by the General Assembly will become effective July 1, 2016, and extend to June 30, 2018.

Commentary: TetraGate Review or Audit

There is a bit of a frenzy going on at the Reston Association.

Mount Vernon Letter: Richmond Owes Northern Virginia

Letter to the Editor

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors' recent vote to place a meals tax referendum on the November ballot is just the latest affront to the taxpayers of Fairfax County.

Mount Vernon Letter: Fairness and Taxes

Letter to the Editor

In the June 2 edition of the Gazette, a letter entitled “Seniors Unfairly Tapped for School Budget” argued that senior citizens in Fairfax County should be given a tax rebate funded by a surtax on school-age families because those seniors “have not had children in the school system for years and years.”

Mount Vernon Column: ‘To Do Nothing Is Also a Policy Choice’


These tragedies occur faster than I can publish columns.

Alexandria Letter: Dealing With Crime

Letter to the Editor

Last week the murder of Pierre Clark, in broad daylight a block from the new Belle Pre building, marked the third homicide in less than 12 months to occur within a narrow radius, just steps from Braddock Road Metro.

Alexandria Letter: Benefits of New Pool

Letter to the Editor

In a letter to the editor from last week’s edition of the Alexandria Gazette Packet [“Government Over-reach”], Jimm Roberts is critical about several things in Alexandria.

Alexandria Letter: Design Change Unsettling

Letter to the Editor

A lack of transparency and violations of trust are poisonous to community life.

Alexandria Column: Making Lemonade

Commentary–Rebuilding Together Alexandria

With a homemade lemonade stand adorning the front yard and the basement playroom walls painted with green rolling hills and blue skies, it is evident that Ariel wants her three young children to grow up having a memorable and safe childhood. Ariel purchased the home she grew up in from her parents in 2014, when her parents moved only half a block away.

Editorial: Support for Police in Reforms

Police commission recommendations come to Board of Supervisors for approval, implementation.

In some ways, the Fairfax County Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission, brainchild of Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova, was a bit of a miracle.