Letter: Fellowship House: Preserving Reston’s Principles

To the Editor

I am writing this letter in response to an article titled “Lake Anne Fellowship House Revitalization Halted” (Reston Connection, Sept. 17-23, 2014) to correct and clarify the comments attributed to me.

Column: Fall Sports Fun and Folly

In my spare time I’m a bit of sports junky, especially for football and baseball. Since childhood, my favorites have been the Washington football team and the Detroit Tigers.

A Virginia Statesman


I first heard of Vincent F. (Vince) Callahan, Jr. in 1965 when he ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor of Virginia. It was his first run for political office, and while it may seem that he aimed high to start in those days it was easy to get the Republican nomination since the Republicans always lost.

Letter to the Editor: Missing Examples

To the editor: The last week’s issue of McLean Connection has a cover photo of John Foust, with the title "Bridging Political Divide." But when I read the article, there is not a single example of his actually doing so.

Letter to the Editor: Champion on Trafficking Issue

Recently I viewed the TV ad that Barbara Comstock released that was narrated by Congressman Frank Wolf who is our representative in the 10th Congressional District in Northern Virginia.

Letter to the Editor: Preserve Old Town Theatre

Last week it was announced in the Washington Business Journal that "The life of the Old Town Theater as an entertainment venue may be coming to an end after a rocky few years." Will the property be turned into a retail location as suggested as a possibility in the article?

Letter to the Editor: Out-of-Place Structures

On Sept. 3, Al Cox (who is the Historic Preservation Manager of the Board of Architectural Review) gave a presentation on "Alexandria's Buildings of Genuine Architectural Merit." The impetus for this presentation was a response to a hypothetical question of “what constitutes good historic development at the Robinson Terminals?”

Letter to the Editor: Capitalism’s Advantage

It’s bad enough when the Federal government takes it upon itself the right to tell business owners what to pay entry level employees. Now we have evidence that one of our rulers, councilmember Justin Wilson, wants us to have fewer taxis.

Letter to the Editor: Independent Bike Count

Out of sheer curiosity I counted bicycles and observed pedestrians and cars at the intersection of Royal and Cameron on Thursday, Sept. 4 from 5-7 p.m. This day and time corresponds with those used by the city and its data collection volunteers from BPAC (Bicycle, Pedestrian Advisory Committee). I did this in order to provide a “blind” count of the flows, i.e. one uninfluenced by prior alerts.

Letters to the Editor

Breaking a Commitment

This Thursday night, the School Board plans to vote on the lighting of the Parker Gray Stadium at T.C. Williams High School. The long and perhaps unknown history of the location of both the school and the stadium gives everyone a reason to consider why lights should never be placed in this location.

Editorial: Does Change in Voter ID Laws Matter?

More than 22,000 active voters in Northern Virginia are without the required ID.

For the current election, new, more stringent voter identification laws are in effect.

Think Longscapes, Not Landscapes

Trees: What’s not to love? They provide amazing beauty, shade, and moisture to cool our homes and photosynthesis to provide food for wildlife and people. They filter our drinking water and air; trap nutrient-laden sediment run-off before it reaches the Potomac and the Bay; stabilize stream beds; sequester pollutants; increase biodiversity and property values; and, remove carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the air.

Does Change in Voter ID Laws Matter?

More than 22,000 active voters in Northern Virginia are without the required ID.

For the current election, new, more stringent voter identification laws are in effect.

Letter: Hitting the Ground Running

Letter to the Editor

Barbara Comstock, a candidate for Congress in the 10th District, has a proven record of getting results.

Letter: Poor Site for Recycling Plant

Your article headlined, "Sound Argument," shows the sound reasons this junkyard must be rejected by the City Council. This dispute is not about recycling.