Column: Doing the People’s Business in Richmond


It’s been a long week digging out from the #2 record snowstorm in our area. While many streets and roads were plowed within 24 hours, others took several days.

Potomac Column: The Revised Glen Hills Sewer Amendment

An epic hoodwinking.

It appeared to be a good decision by the Montgomery County Council’s Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee (T&E), but in fact it was outrageously bad.

Another Opportunity to Talk About It

Super Bowl Sunday is Sunday, Feb. 7, and often more about the parties than the game.

Editorial: Economic Development in Virginia

The General Assembly prides itself in providing a pro-business climate, but refuses infusion of more than $3 billion annually.

Hundreds of bills before this year’s General Assembly session focus on “business climate,” providing incentives for businesses to locate and expand here, extending tax exemptions and tax credits, encouraging international trade, reducing regulation and many other approaches perceived as pro-business.

Commentary: A More Realistic Minimum

Northern Virginia jurisdictions are among the wealthiest in the country.

Commentary: Reports of Lake Anne’s Demise are Premature

Things were looking a little bleak at Lake Anne in December as winter officially began.

Arlington Column: Nondiscrimination Bills Pass Senate


As the snow thawed and the General Assembly went about its business last week, a number of developments occurred involving LGBT rights.

Commentary: Reining in Predatory Towing

Aside from the snowstorm of the century, this week brought the start of consideration of legislation and initial work on our state budget.

Letter: Maintaining Bike Trails

To the Editor

I am writing to express my concern that the bike trails in our community are not being properly maintained by the county of Fairfax.

Mount Vernon Letter: Doomed Proposal

Letter to the Editor

In last week's Gazette, newly elected state Sen. Scott Surovell discussed a portion of his 2016 legislative agenda.

Tease photo

Mount Vernon Letter: Kudos on Snow Removal

Letter to the Editor

For the first time in the 18 years I have lived on Duke Drive, the VDOT snow plow came down my side of the street after I sought constituent services from our new state delegate, Paul Krizek.

Mount Vernon Letter: An Invitation

Letter to the Editor

I have a suggestion for Mr. Medico (Letter: “Efforts Still Infringe on Rights”) and Mr. Spiegel (Letter: “Gun Laws not Being Enforced”). Rather than trading barbs, claims and counter claims, how about all of us go out to dinner, talk and see if there is any common ground.

Mount Vernon Column: Reining in Predatory Towing


Aside from the snowstorm of the century, this week brought the start of consideration of legislation and initial work on our state budget.

Mount Vernon Column: Time To Raise Minimum Wage


Many readers know that I work for a nonprofit headquartered on Richmond Highway, in the heart of Mount Vernon. Small nonprofits like mine face many of the same troubles as small businesses: money is always hard to come by and we must operate within very small margins. Indeed, we rely on the generosity of the public for our support. Many of the people we serve are barely making it; they work long hours and struggle to get by. Helping people is what we do but wouldn’t it be better if they could do more to help themselves? The best way to make that happen is to raise the minimum wage.

Alexandria Letter: Praising Treatment of Staff

As an Old Town resident, it is always enjoyable to walk around during and after a snowstorm. My wife and I had dinner on King Street and a few warm drinks at places that stayed open.