Letter to the Editor: Champion for Veterans

To the Editor: I am writing to bring the attention of voters to the importance of the choice they have in the election for the 10th Congressional District.

Column: School Board Takes the Plunge - Sort of

The wheels of change grind slowly in Fairfax County. The move toward later, healthier school start times for teenage public school students is a prime example. Despite support from a wide range of health professionals, the School Board has struggled with the issue for some 20 years.

Running Out of Efficacy

Not that I’m the least bit worried (actually, I’m the most bit worried), but surviving a terminal cancer diagnosis years beyond one’s original prognosis does present its own unique set of problems. Most notably, and most personally for me, they concern treatment options. Specifically, what drugs, targeted or otherwise, can be infused and/or swallowed (when in pill form, like Tarceva) and for how long, when signs of internal organ damage are indicated on regular lab tests?

Column: Our Civic Duty


A basic tenet of all levels of civic education is that citizens should vote. We are told of the importance of voting in social studies classes, scouting, and in community groups. Yet, a surprisingly large number of people never learn the lesson. Voter participation in the United States is abysmal when compared to other countries, and Virginia is one of the worst among the states.

Editorial: Change for the Better in Fairfax County Schools

Later start times, full-day Mondays; who knows, next maybe gifted-and-talented programs for poor students?

Who says big bureaucracies can’t make big changes? One year into the tenure of Karen Garza, we have two huge changes that between them impact almost every single student, every family with children in Fairfax County Public Schools.

Letter: Astonishing Charges

To the Editor: I have been a member of the Great Falls Citizens Association Transportation Committee since 2010 when Delegate Barbara Comstock and Supervisor John Foust led a bipartisan effort, in conjunction with the GFCA and the McLean Citizens Association, to change the VDOT plan for a two-lane turn from Route 7 and a nine-lane-wide intersection at the juncture of Route 7 and Georgetown Pike.

Letter: An Honorable District Leader

To the Editor: In George Washington's Farewell Address, he implored our young nation to avoid political parties, which would fracture our unity, and instead advised us to choose leaders by exercising the virtue of neutrality - what is the candidate's merit and reputation.

Opinion: Vote ‘Yes’ on Transportation Bond

When you enter the voting booth on Nov. 4, you’ll be asked to vote Yes or No on a $100 million Fairfax County transportation bond. (Bonds are a form of long-term borrowing to finance public facilities and infrastructure and spread the costs over a long time frame. Virginia law requires that general obligation bonds be approved by voters in a referendum.)

Need Right Place for Lights

We hear over and over how students want a lighted field for sports. Coaches and staff from the Rec Department express a need for sports fields for the entire city.

Examining Senator’s Record

Who is Senator Warner? The senator is not necessarily reflected in his words.

Speak Up for Public Safety

While the mayor, City Council and city manager are making plans to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on a waterfront plan and metro, the city’s public safety departments are suffering.

What’s Best For Students?

Political capital is usually earned in advance and then spent to pursue an elected official’s policy agenda.

Letter to the Editor: Moving Country Forward

Barbara Comstock is the best candidate for the 10th District representative to the House of Representatives in the United States Congress.

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Letter to the Editor

Byers’ Legacy

When retired Col. John R. Byers passed away in July 2012, I suggested to the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) that the Williamsburg North Park on Collingwood Road be renamed in his honor. He lived in the neighborhood and walked by the park on a daily basis.

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A Journey through Local Waterways

Recreational opportunity abounds in the northern border of the Mount Vernon District in the form of urban kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and perhaps even wind surfing on the slowly moving flat water that is within the confines of the Hunting Creek, Quander Brook and Cameron Run watershed.