Letter: Pause, Re-think

Letter to the Editor

Neal Learner [Letter, “Need Smart Development,” Oct. 1-7] points out that he forewarned that something like a car crashing into the first Potomac Yard building near Monroe Avenue Bridge would happen and now it has.

Letter: The Experience Argument

Recently, the cadre of hard-edged political supporters of current Mayor Euille have attempted to use the argument of “lack of experience” to disqualify Democratic Primary winner Allison Silberberg.

Letter: Poison Pill of Democracy

Letter to the Editor

Waterfront Commission member Dennis Auld’s letter [“Two Are Too Old Town-Centric,” Oct. 1-7] was yet another partisan attack all to common since Alexandria became a one-party city in 2012.

Letter: Trusted To Lead

Letter to the Editor

We are current and retired teachers, principals and School Board members who care deeply about Alexandria’s public schools.

Letter: They Care For Entire City

Letter to the Editor

This will reply to the letter written by Dennis Auld in your Oct. 1 edition which is subjective, illogical, partially untruthful and indirectly praises the candidacies of “Van” Van Fleet and Bob Wood.

Letter: Brings Understanding Of Schools

Letter to the Editor

Kathy Smith has been an advocate for children and families in Sully District for 20 years. First as a PTA president at Poplar Tree Elementary School, Rocky Run Middle School and Chantilly High School and then as the district’s school board member, Kathy has always put children first.

Commentary: Program Bridges Cultures

The two Japanese characters are pronounced “wa.” In English, they translate to cooperation and harmony.

Column: Glen Hills on the Brink

The Montgomery County Council is close to deciding the future of Glen Hills, an environmentally sensitive large lot, low density RE-1 zone crisscrossed with ponds, wetlands, seeps, ephemeral streams, steep stream valleys, and flood plains.

Editorial: Vote Now to Avoid the Earthquake

Early voting available for most voters now; vote by Nov. 3.

The news is all about Donald, Hilary, Bernie, Carlie, Joe and Jeb. That’s next year, November 2016. The election in less than a month matters here in Northern Virginia. What are your priorities?

Letter: Appeal to Save the Trees

To the Editor

Why are beautiful, healthy trees being cut down all over the Headquarters of the Reston Association?

Letter: Before Libraries Go Digital

To the Editor

It has been suggested that we don't need libraries or books anymore as everything is available digitally and on the Internet.

Column: Not Up to the Challenge

It is not easy to admit that you are not up to a challenge that hundreds of your constituents face each day, but that’s what happened to me last week. ProgressVA sponsored the “Live the Wage Challenge” asking elected officials, community leaders, advocates and everyday citizens to walk in the shoes of a minimum wage worker by living on a minimum wage budget for one week.

Column: Finally the Outrage

Several times I’ve been asked why we don’t see major outrage in Fairfax County over law enforcement excesses.

Commentary: Preserving Trees

Madam Chairman, on many occasions, our Board has stated its strongly held belief that tree preservation is an essential element in our environmental plans and in our efforts to protect and improve the quality of life in our county.

Commentary: Gun Shop Location Puts Children at Risk

The decision by the owners of the NOVA Gun Shop to locate their new retail store adjacent to Franklin Sherman Elementary School in McLean is unwise and inappropriate, and potentially puts the health and safety of schoolchildren and faculty at unnecessary risk.