Letter: Say Goodbye to The Euille Way

Letter to the Editor

Don’t get hooked by Mayor Euille’s write-in campaign for mayor.

Letter: Need Smart Development

Letter to the Editor

Jonathan Krall presents an interesting dilemma in his call for progressives to step forward and vote for city candidates who are working for Alexandria’s success rather than stagnation (Gazette letters, Sept. 24-30, 2015).

Letter: Working Together?

Letter to the Editor

Your recent article in the Alexandria Gazette Packet, “City Council Hopefuls Debate Issues,” contained the most revealing question of “Who [he or she] is most excited to serve on City Council with.”

Letter: Council’s Role In Enrollment?

Letter to the Editor

Board’s failure to build enough school capacity several decades ago with the result that today’s schools are overcrowded.

Letter: Two Are Too Old Town-centric

Letter to the Editor

In relation to Mr. Wood and Mr. van Fleet’s position on the Waterfront Plan, two issues stand out in regards to their viewpoints.

Editorial: Changing Perspective on Death Penalty

Evolving standards will eclipse the death penalty entirely at some point in the future.

It’s sad to see senseless death as a response to senseless death. Alfred R. Prieto is not a sympathetic figure, a serial killer who was on death row in California when DNA connected him to murders and rapes in Reston and Arlington that took place in 1988. He is scheduled for execution this week, at 9 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 1.

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Alexandria Appetite: Prost! Oktoberfest Brings Out the Best in Beer

For Port City Brewing Co., Oktoberfest is only beginning of busy season.

You can set your watch by it year after year, September after September.

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Column: Revitalization Includes Small Neighborhood Parks

A mom pushing a stroller with a toddler skipping beside her is an image that stays with me following our day in the park.

Column: Join in Robust Walkathon

Calling all seniors to lace up your sneakers for the annual Fall Robust Walkathon.

Column: Volunteer as Literacy Tutor

32 Alexandria kindergarteners and first graders still in need of tutors.

In just a few short weeks in October, 93 eager Alexandria City Public School kindergarten and first grade students will meet their one-on-one literacy tutor for the year.

Letter: Do Not Erase History

Letter to the Editor

I wrote a letter to the editor in July advocating the removal of Appomattox, the bronze statue of a Confederate soldier, from its position of prominence at South Washington and Prince Streets to a spot that does not imply city or Commonwealth sympathy to the Confederate cause.

Letter: Address Disrespect

Letter to the Editor

City Council did not crown itself with glory at its Sept. 12 meeting.

Letter: Time for a Change

Letter to the Editor

I would like to offer my comments regarding Mayor Euille’s decision to run a write-in candidacy for Mayor.

Letter: Maintain Progress

Letter to the Editor

There is a great quote from the West Wing TV show that goes, "If they're shooting at you, you must be doing something right."

Letter: Success, Not Stagnation

Letter to the Editor

I am writing to voice my concerns for The Alexandria Democratic Committee.