Letter: Experience Matters

Letter to the Editor

In 34 years of service in the Alexandria Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, I worked with five different mayors. Hands down, Kerry Donley was the most effective, and the city would be fortunate to have him at the helm once again.

Letter: Why Run for Springfield Supervisor?

Letter to the Editor

On May 13, 2015, the press reported that “Corazon Foley announced her bid for Springfield Supervisor” and that I am running as an Independent with no fundraising.

Editorial: Voting, June 9

No, not for Hillary or Jeb or Carly. Locally, June 9, 2015 is an Election Day that counts.

To listen to the national news, one would think that the next Presidential election is in November. But no. That’s November 2016.

Letter: Proven Problem-solver

Letter to the Editor

The current primary race for Mayor of Alexandria does indeed offer us a choice, as many have pointed out in these opinion pages. Our choice is Kerry Donley.

Letter: More Than a Color

Letter to the Editor

What’s in a sign? Everybody recognizes Del. Rob Krupicka’s orange campaign signs and sees in Rob’s service the warmth and self-control that color psychologically signifies.

Letter: Qualities of Leadership

Letter to the Editor

I attended the Mayoral debate at George Washington Middle School on May 18 hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and moderated by Drew Hansen. It was a good turnout, and the sponsor and moderator did a great job.

Letter: Expand Tax Base

Letter to the Editor

When I was on City Council in the ‘90s, I served with Kerry Donley and then under him when he first became mayor. I came to have the highest respect for his ability to lead the council and get things done.

Letter: Effect on Neighborhoods

Letter to the Editor

The most recent city debate defines the fact that both Bill Euille and Kerry Donley have no allegiance to neighborhoods. When the candidates were asked if they would place lights at T.C. stadium both Euille and Donley answered affirmative for lights while Allison Silberberg said no. Euille's answer was expected and on the record however Donley's answer highlights the fact that he too is insensitive to the plight of the Woods community and their history and has no regard for neighborhood agreements made with the city.

Letter: Deliberative Leadership

Letter to the Editor

In recent months, I have become involved as a volunteer in the Alexandria election process for the first time and have been most pleased to have come to know Allison Silberberg. Allison is a person of integrity. I am confident of her enthusiastic ability to serve all the citizens of Alexandria.

Letter: Top Ten Mayoral Issues

Letter to the Editor

David Letterman has retired but his Top Ten classic survives. The locals Top Ten mayoral issues are:

Letter: Education As a Priority

Letter to the Editor

In a few weeks Alexandrians will have the opportunity in an open primary election for mayor, to voice their perspectives on where the city is headed, our priorities, our values, and our hopes for the future. we’ve been reflecting on what each of our substantive candidates would bring to that future for some time. Over time, one issue and one issue alone has come to define our highest priority for Alexandria: our investment in high quality early childhood education programs.

Letter: Putting an End to Slaughter of Horses

To the Editor

Whether in recreation, work, or war, horses have been a part of America’s culture for hundreds of years. After horses’ loyal service, sending them to slaughter is a betrayal to them and a dishonor to us.

Letter: Protecting Our Waterways

To the Editor

Last Tuesday, a bill was passed that blocks the EPA’s Clean Water Rule. This leaves 2 million Virginians’ drinking water affected.

Letter: Displeased with the Headline

To the Editor

I was deeply displeased to read that your newspaper decided to use "The Importance of Including Everyone" as your headline for Tim Peterson's article about the Fairfax County School Board's vote on including gender identity to their nondiscrimination policy.

Commentary: Transit Means Business!

A couple of weeks ago I dropped off my Prius for service at a dealership near the Spring Hill Station on the Silver Line and caught the Metro for a one-stop trip to the Greensboro Station.