Letter: Ramadan - A Treasure Map

Letter to the Editor

Ramadan is known worldwide as the month of fasting for Muslims, but to me, it’s worth much more than not eating all day. Ramadan helps me meet goals on a spiritual level; ones I thought would be unachievable.

Letter: Election in Virginia’s 11th Congressional District

Letter to the Editor

The current Congressman from Virginia’s 11th Congressional District (Gerry Connolly) prides himself in being the first to defend the Obama Administration. He has defended the Attorney General, the handling of Benghazi, the NSA, the VA, the Border Patrol, the EPA, and most importantly and most frequently the IRS. All of which can do no wrong in his view.

Column: Summertime at the General Assembly

Legislators in the earliest days of the Republic were mostly of the planter class; women, blacks and non-landowners could not vote or hold office. The best time to get away from the plantation and the crops was in the wintertime. That probably started the custom that continues to today whereby the General Assembly holds its regular session in the winter beginning on the first Wednesday after the first Monday in January.

Commentary: Celebrating Huntley Meadows Wetland Restoration

On May 10, more than 60 people gathered on the boardwalk at Huntley Meadows Park in Alexandria to celebrate the recently completed wetland restoration project.

Letter: ‘Go To’ Delegate for Congress

To the Editor

It’s been sad to see that in the congressional race for the 10th District, the only thing the Democrats have done is go on attack instead of offer constructive solutions. Even NPR noticed the relentlessly negative tone of Supervisor John Foust’s campaign rhetoric saying they are using “old-fashioned fear mongering” and noting that he was mouthing the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee’s talking points.

Letter: A Job-creation Candidate

To the Editor

I have known Delegate Barbara Comstock, candidate for Congress from Virginia’s 10th District, for over a year now. She has always impressed me as a bright, serious and pragmatic candidate who was focused on addressing the important issues affecting our community rather than just giving speeches, repeating talking points or pandering to specific groups.

Letter: Silver Line - At What Cost?

To the Editor

As a transit commuter living in Reston, I appreciated the honesty in the opinion piece by Ken Plum, “Silver Line No Silver Bullet” [Reston Connection, July 2-8, 2014]. Still, among all the positive notes about the benefits of the Silver Line, I continue to see public officials ignoring the huge increase in costs for daily transit riders in Reston (not just drivers on the Toll Road).

Letter: Deer Hunting Contradicts Reston’s Values

To the Editor

It seems ironic that the RA approved bow hunting of deer less than a 1/2 mile away from Reston’s prized multi-million dollar Nature Center [“Bow Hunting to Help Deer Management,” Reston Connection, July 2-8, 2014]. The mission of the Nature Center is “to provide good environmental stewardship.” ”Does that not include stewardship to the inhabitants of our environment? Bow hunting can result in a slow painful death. Why choose that when humane alternatives exist?

Letter: Wrong Starting Point

To the Editor

Letter: Focus on Academics, Not Lights

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Letter: ODBC’s Summer Decision

To the Editor

Letter: Addressing Outages in Great Falls

To the Editor

My wife and I have lived at 347 Walker Road, Great Falls, for 22 years. I understand that the semi-rural nature of the area, which includes significant tree cover, creates hazards to providing reliable electrical service that may not exist in more urban locations.

Commentary: Sharing Vision of the Future

The selection of the chair of the Planning Board is an important responsibility of the County Council — and of mine. One I take very, very seriously. The Planning Board is one of the most important institutions in our county government. Its guidance on the future of our county and the manner in which it performs its responsibilities play a key role in shaping our quality of life.

Editorial: Save a Little, Help Others Prepare for School

Virginia’s tax holiday on school supplies is a good reminder to donate supplies and dollars for children who need help arriving at school prepared.

Virginia’s tax holiday on school supplies and clothing is Aug. 1-3, and it makes sense to take advantage of the savings, and to spread the wealth around.