Letter: 4th of July Safety

Letter to the Editor

As Fourth of July approaches, I wanted to share some important safety information.

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Cartoon: Charleston

“Now, where th’devil y’spose that came from?”

Letter: Irony of Park Petition

Letter to the Editor

Unfortunately some who volunteer to serve in the civic arena do so mainly to pursue their own personal agenda and impose it on the community at large.

Letter: Not Easy Jobs

Letter to the Editor

A while ago, a city councilor expressed concern as to whether we could be the next jurisdiction to suffer a black riot over "an overzealous (white) cop." Two weeks ago, while walking three goldens and a yellow lab through Founders Park, I saw three (white) police officers, with two hovering over a (black) man on the ground. Apparently they were waiting for paramedics. I found myself wondering why there was no one video taping. From personal observation, if you're committing a crime in this city the police are going to come after you regardless of your skin color.

Letter: Council Punts on Clover-College Park

Letter to the Editor

As a resident of the Clover-College Park neighborhood I am dismayed and bemused by the latest contentious development issue before the City Council.

Editorial: Safe Planning for Independence

Talking and planning about celebrating July 4, and throughout the summer months.

Independence Day is a national celebration, and for many, that celebration includes alcohol. The summer overall and July 4 in particular are times of greater risk for drinking and driving.

Letter: How to Pay for Medicaid Expansion?

To the Editor

State Delegate Ken Plum’s latest commentary on Medicaid expansion (“Political Prospects for Medicaid Expansion,” The Connection, June 4) is not the first time he has written on the subject, but he has yet to explain how Virginia would pay for this.

Letter: Sully District Council Takes Stand on I-66 Project

Supports Alternative 2A I-66 cross section option.

The Sully District Council would like to take this opportunity to offer its comments on the proposed alternative actions associated with the Tier 2 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Transform 66 Outside the Beltway project.

Letter: Praising Effort To Add Screening

Letter to the Editor

I would like to graciously thank everyone involved in making The Commonwealth of Virginia the 30th state to screen all newborns for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID), commonly known as the bubble boy disease.

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Alexandria Appetite: Good Restaurants Make Good Neighbors

Once bereft of eateries, Carlyle community now boasts embarrassment of riches.

For years, the Carlyle community has been more than a nine-to-five business district. While condos and apartments have been full for more than half a decade, the restaurant population has been slow to catch up. In a neighborhood that was once dominated primarily by sandwich shops and other lunchtime eateries, some more substantial dining spots have emerged, and they’re certainly worth a visit.

Letter: Passing The Baton

Letter to the Editor

Last week, Dan Storck won the Democratic nomination for Mount Vernon District supervisor.

Letter: Interesting Times Ahead

Letter to the Editor

During the campaign in the Democratic primary for mayor, candidate Allison Silberberg said: “If I’m lucky enough to be elected mayor

Letter: A New Beginning

Letter to the Editor

Alexandria citizens have made a most emphatic statement by electing Allison Silberberg as the Democratic mayoral primary last Tuesday.

Letter: Address Current Needs

Letter to the Editor

A new city manager, a new director of transportation and environmental service recently took office and yet I wonder what it is these people do. You all must live in Fairfax County, if not, you obviously drive and walk around the city limits with blinders on.

Letter: No Space for Mobile Vendors

Letter to the Editor

In response to the article “Food Truck Showdown” [June 11-17, Alexandria Gazette Packet], I first must state that I am a long-time, devoted resident of Alexandria.