Editorial: Not the First or Only Time

Secrecy around police shootings has been a problem for at least a decade.

The official position of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on the need for changes in policy after the shooting of John Geer by police in Springfield in August of 2013 appears to be that this is the first time police policies have been a problem: “Policies for handling police-involved incidents, which served us well for decades, were inadequate in this complicated situation.”

Column: At the Half

The General Assembly has reached “crossover,” the point on the legislative calendar when each house must have completed work on bills introduced into its respective chamber. That point was Tuesday for all bills except for adjustments to the budget that will be considered on Thursday.

Commentary: Donate to Those Less Fortunate During National Canned Food Month

It seems that as the memories of the holiday season fade away, so does our urgency to give. Many of us return to our daily routines, and we seem to forget that our neighbors continue to struggle to provide meals for their families. And although many continue to be in need after the holiday season, food donations drop and our food banks face shortages.

Letter: Montgomery County Council To Decide On Pesticide Use

Spring is just around the corner and if the Montgomery County Council has its way, residents will learn to live with weeds, ticks, grubs and Mother Nature’s other irritants.

WMCCA Column: Defining and Ensuring Effectiveness

The proposed pesticide law pending before the Montgomery County Council and the National Park Service proposal to collect entrance fees from those using the C&O Canal National Historical Park present interesting challenges. We will learn more about the pesticide bill at WMCCA’s Feb. 11 meeting. C&O Canal Superintendent Kevin Brandt will discuss the fee proposal and other Canal issues at our March 11 meeting.

Letter: An Open Letter to Virginia Delegates

Letter to the Editor

Many of you know our story well. We are the parents of Morgan Harrington. Morgan, a student at Virginia Tech, went to a rock concert in Charlottesville in 2009 and never came home. Her remains were found 100 days later.

Editorial: No Justification for Secrecy, Delay on Geer Shooting

Everything about this case erodes public trust and demonstrates police departments should not be allowed to apply “blanket” exemptions to release of information.

After waiting 17 months for any information about the investigation into the shooting death of John Geer, the information released last week is deeply troubling.

Column: Supervisors Priority No. 1- Pay Hike

Last Tuesday I drove to the Fairfax County Government Center (the Taj Mahal to friends) to attend a well-advertised Board of Supervisors hearing on the agreement for Crescent Apartments and Lake Anne redevelopment. I was prepared to testify in support of the plan if needed. Instead, it turned out to be a brief, pro forma hearing.

Column: Clash of Ideas and Ideals

As the General Assembly nears its midpoint for consideration of proposed legislation, the fissures of differences among the many stakeholders who have interests before the law-making body become evident. The clash of interests is much more complex than House v. Senate, Republicans v. Democrats, or rural v. suburban. Differences in ideas and ideals make compromise challenging.

Editorial: Outlook

Many bright spots will be overshadowed in the coming budget season.

Long awaited, the opening of the Silver Line promises to bring transformation to Tysons and around the current station in Reston, with another Reston station and Herndon to come.

Letter to the Editor: Urging Delegates to Vote ‘No’

To the Editor: This Friday, members of the Constitutional Law Subcommittee of the Courts of Justice in the House of Delegates will vote on HB2321 — a dangerous and unconstitutional 20-week abortion ban. My legislator, Del. Dave Albo (R-42), is the chair of this subcommittee, and his leadership and opposition to this legislation is crucial to the sanctity of a woman’s deeply personal healthcare decisions.

A Challenge for Garza: Excessive Homework

To the Editor: Your article “How Does She Do It” - Karen Garza’s vision: the irresistible force moving immovable object of Fairfax County Public Schools (The Connection,December 24-10, 2014) showed FCPS Superintendent Dr. Garza as a force for change. In the Fairfax County school system, students demonstrate excellence by collaborating and achieving good grades with the assistance of teachers.

Letter to the Editor: Better Safe Than Sorry

To the Editor: This letter is in response to a recent letter to the editor in opposition to Fairfax County's Fall Cankerworm (FCW) spraying program.

Letter: Sex Offender Serving in the House

To the Editor

To the Editor: Tracking the last eight months or so of Del. Ken Plums' Opinion columns in the Connection Newspapers, the bad topics are the Tea Party (Defender of a balanced budget, right to own a gun, and worshiping our Creator), and certain (but not all) ethics of political figures. According to Plum only some political positions are bad.

Letter: Colonel’s Modesty

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: I learned in your obituary of Col. Pete Hilgartner, last week, that for service in Vietnam he earned the Silver Star - the third-highest military combat decoration, awarded for gallantry to a small fraction of a percent of Soldiers and Marines.