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Column: Gumball Memories

Rebuilding Together Alexandria

Alexandria holds a lifetime of memories for Bernadette*. She is the last of three generations to call the city home.

Letter: Wrong Emphasis

Letter to the Editor

take exception to part of the tone on the article [“Mount Vernon Football Looking for First Win Since 2013,” The Gazette, Aug. 6] about the upcoming season for the Mount Vernon football team.

Letter: Policy Change Warranted

Letter to the Editor

I was disappointed to read the [“Ignoring Will of the People,” The Gazette, July 16] letter regarding Dan Storck’s position on the changes to the non-discrimination policy and the family life (FLE) curriculum regarding gender identity.

Letter: Importance Of History

Letter to the Editor

Can we blame all of America’s racism problems on any street appearance of the Confederate flag and other symbols? And purge them by removing any reminders?

Letter: Examine School Spending

Letter to the Editor

I am the owner and operator of Potomac River, Realtors, located near the King Street Metro Station.

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Cartoon: Old Marxistleninstein

Old Marxistleninstein

Letter: Why Not Run?

Letter to the Editor

I have been amazed at the number of conversations suggesting that Mayor Euille should simply “fall in line” and “endorse the primary winner.”

Letter: Parking Issue Not Insurmountable

Letter to the Editor

If one looks at Old Town streets, late at night on a weeknight, one will see plenty of street parking spaces available, thus there is plenty of spaces for resident street parking.

Letter: Neighbors And Parking

Letter to the Editor

Current council member Justin Wilson’s quest for obscure regulations found another one to redress.

Letter: It’s Five

Letter to the Editor

I would like to thank a recent letter to editor entitled “Overlooked” for correctly pointing out that I omitted Monique Miles when I endorsed Allison Silberberg, Townsend Van Fleet, Bob Wood and Fernando Torrez to reinstate Alexandria’s beauty.

Editorial: Sea Changes in Policing?

Report offers blueprint for transforming aspects of policing, jail and services for people with mental illness.

Yesterday, for the first time in the history of Fairfax County Police Department, a Fairfax County Police officer was charged in a shooting death.

Commentary: Public Trust above Party

Shifting from a relaxing vacation back to work is always challenging, but my return this past week from the mountains, streams and lakes of Glacier National Park to a special session of the General Assembly has been a particularly stark contrast.

Letter: Bipartisan Support

Letter to the Editor

A letter to the editor published on Aug. 12 under the headline "Diversity And Politics" includes several errors of fact regarding the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) that beg for correction.

Column: Time to Encourage Reading

For many of us summer vacation provides a time for our families to enjoy time off from the school year grind, and allows children to participate in fun outdoor activities. However, during summer break, some children fall behind in their academic achievements, which can lead to steps backward in a child’s education. This is especially true when it comes to reading.

Column: B.D. Versus A.D.

If my experiences as a cancer patient/ “terminal” “diagnosee” are at all typical, then the following generalization might in fact be true: certain situations and/or feelings that were once tolerated before diagnosis are nearly impossible to tolerate after diagnosis: traffic, waiting in lines, rudeness, compromise, sacrifice, delayed/deferred gratification, to list just a few. Life becomes so much more precious, that wasting some of it – or the perception of wasting some of it – on unpleasant, unrewarding, aggravating, stressful, menial tasks, obligations, duties, etc. becomes almost too much to bear; on a consistent basis, anyway.