Drawn from the 15 weekly community newspapers published by Connection Newspapers.


Letter: Value of Public Servants

Letter to the Editor

From the beginning, residents of Old Town have only wanted the very best for the Old and Historic District, starting with the group of women who spearheaded the drive that made us the third nationally designated Historic District in the country.

Letter: Massive Debt

Letter to the Editor

This letter was triggered when I heard the three mayor candidates tell an audience last Thursday, which included me, why they should be mayor.

Letter: Value of Sweet Briar

Letter to the Editor

In a world that is poised to degrade distinction as discrimination, well-done single sex education is a gem that must not be tossed away.

Letter: Different Perspective

Letter to the Editor

I’ve been observing and testifying at City Council meetings since James Moran was mayor.

Letter: Protect Old Town’s Historic Nature

Letter to the Editor

The other day, my good friend Poul Hertel was reading a speech that George Washington gave to a very skeptical House of Representatives. Instead of getting angry (as had been expected), Mr. Washington called on everyone to "Unite our efforts to improve our immense advantage."

Letter: Squelching Comments

Letter to the Editor

The Potomac Yard property is underutilized and I support efforts to locate a metro rail station at Potomac Yard.

Letter: Cartoon Not Funny

Letter to the Editor

As program chairman of Alexandria’s Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the Civil War, I have planned programs for the last two years to illuminate truths about various aspects of the War, including its causes.

Letter: A Different Vision for City

Letter to the Editor

I’m not going to tell you which mayoral candidate to vote for on June 9, but I am going to tell you which two Democrats you shouldn’t vote for and why.

Letter: Too Much Spending

Letter to the Editor

Spending taxpayer money seems to be the mantra of this mayor and his compliant council.

Letter: Focus on Middle Schools

Letter to the Editor

The following is an open letter to the mayor, City Council and School Board.

Letter: ‘Simply Can’t Have It All’

Letter to the Editor

Several neighborhood associations hosted the first Mayoral debate in the MacArthur School cafeteria last Thursday, April 23. As a relatively new Alexandria resident and voter, it was a good opportunity for me to learn about old and new city issues as well as to observe the candidates, and watch them interact.

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Column: Animeals on Wheels

Providing assistance to senior pet owners.

It’s well known that pets can play a significant role in the quality of a senior’s life by providing personal companionship.

Letter: Record of Leadership

Letter to the Editor

I have known Paul Krizek, who is running to be our next delegate, for years.

Letter: Get To Know Bennett

Letter to the Editor

In just over six weeks, Candice Bennett has emerged as a strong contender for Mount Vernon District Supervisor.

Letter: Disappointing Budget Vote

Letter to the Editor

The following open letter was addressed to Mount Vernon District Supervisor Gerry Hyland.