Drawn from the 15 weekly community newspapers published by Connection Newspapers.


Letter: Breastfeeding is About Life

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: As a fairly new Virginia resident, I like reading your summaries of county and state government actions that impact us all, including the General Assembly’s crossover bills featured in your February 19-25 issue. I’d like to share one more. HB1499 protects mothers who breastfeed their babies in public; Del. Dave Albo is one of the co-patrons.

Letter: Question To Ask About Library

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: In January, 2015 the Library Board of Trustees was given a document from the Department of Public Works that indicates Reston Regional Library will be rebuilt at its current location. At the September, 2014 Library Board meeting Library Director Sam Clay stated that a task force had been appointed to oversee planning of the new library, and he had been appointed to that task force. We would encourage Supervisor Cathy Hudgins to inform the community about the composition of the task force and to let us know how many Restonians are on it.

Letter: Monkey Business Is Deadly Business

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: Maybe I missed hearing about it the last time a monkey attacked its owner. But I sure remember each time an estranged husband or boyfriend blows away his wife or girlfriend and her innocent children. I feel the pain and disgust in my gut.

Letter: Oversight Needed in Police Shooting Cases

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: Kudos and thanks for your recent editorials voicing the concern of many Fairfax County citizens in connection with the investigation of police shootings.

Herndon's November Election in Jeopardy

It is well known and scarcely debated that more voters participate in November elections than in those held in other months. This is certainly true in our town. I believe that we are best governed when everyone has a chance to participate in our democracy. I believe that elected officials should make elections as accessible and convenient as possible for all voters. To that end, the Herndon Town Council voted in December to move our elections from May to the more traditional month of November, starting in 2016.

Letter: Supporting Deer Management

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: Thank you for the excellent article on deer management in Fairfax County (“A Time to Hunt?” - Connection, February 18-24, 2015). One deer can carry 1,000 ticks, and approximately 25 percent of ticks in our county carry an infectious agent.

Letter: Survey, Video Document Deer Challenge

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: Ken Moore's article on the impact of growing deer herds on our local forests (“A Time to Hunt?” - Connection, February 18-24, 2015) was a good overview of the issues facing our community and a description of some of the ways in which residents can help ensure that our local forests remain for the next generation.

Letter: Del. Rust’s Votes Against Herndon

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: Unfathomably, Del. Tom Rust (R-86), The Town of Herndon’s representative in the Virginia General Assembly (GA), voted against the Town’s bill to change the language in our town charter to reflect Town elections to occur in November instead of May.

Commentary: Efficiency Over Effectiveness

At the time of this writing, the General Assembly seems to be on course for an earlier than scheduled Feb. 28 adjournment date. For a part-time legislature that in recent years has found it difficult to stay within its 60-day session in the even-numbered years and 45-day session in the odd-numbered years, finishing work ahead of schedule would be unprecedented.

Editorial: Managing Mental Illness in Jails

Natasha McKenna’s death provides window on national concern.

A national report released on Feb. 11 highlighted the prevalence of people with mental illness incarcerated in local jails.

Letter: Beneficial Choices

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: The cab drivers who seek protection from the government against Uber and other ride-sharing companies have this all wrong. Cab drivers who are dissatisfied with their work hours or earnings are free to either remain cab drivers or to seek another way to earn money.

Column: Staying Ahead of the Feds

The federal government is not always wrong. At the same time, the state government is not always right.

The Virginia House and the Senate have penned similar but competing mid-point versions to the 2014-2016 biennial budget.

Column: Come to the NoVA Mini Maker Faire March 15

Recently I had the great pleasure of meeting several people who are energizers and organizers of the NoVA Mini Maker Faire coming to Reston on March 15. The first question many of you may have is likely: What is a Mini Maker Faire? I’ve heard it best explained as a bringing together of “an amazing collection of tech enthusiasts, engineers, woodworkers, artists,…craftspeople” and would-be inventors to show and tell what they are making.

Letter: Reward This Performance?

Letter to the Editor

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has delayed action on raising their current annual salary of $75,000 until March 3, leaving the record open for comments. According to the County Executive, the fiscal impact of $205,000, if approved, the annual Board of Supervisors salary will total $95,500 or a 27.33 percent increase. Only supervisors Herrity (R) and Symth (D) opposed considering a Board of Supervisors pay raise.

Letter: Failing in Their Duties

Letter to the Editor

I applaud your editorial on the Geer murder (“No Justification for Secrecy, Delay on Geer Shooting,” Connection, February 4-10, 2015). The Connection has done yeoman’s work in keeping this tragedy in front of the public, unlike other newspapers which are johnnie-come-latelies.