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Tease photo

Cartoon: Gun on IV

“Hang in there, little buddy!”

Summer Camp: One-on-One with Alexandria Shelter Animals


Some Alexandria youths headed off to day camp this summer didn't learn anything about baseball or boating. They spent their hours getting to know the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter on Eisenhower Avenue and learning a little more about animals.

Column: Now Hiring

The importance of employment for Alexandria’s homeless population.

Imagine having to choose between paying rent and feeding your family tonight.

Letter: Focus on Governance

Letter to the Editor

It’s time for some Alexandria residents and local politicians to admit we don’t live in a Banana Republic.

Letter: Time to Tack Against the Wind

Letter to the Editor

It is rare to receive a letter complimenting a letter, but that’s what just happened, when I received an email from someone who has lived in Alexandria for 30 years and who understands politics and political consequences better than I.

Letter: Determined Republicans

Letter to the Editor

On the front page of your last issue you describe Republican candidate for Council Van Fleet as the “leading spokesperson for residents of Old Town.”

Letter: Council and Confederacy

Letter to the Editor

As part of Alexandria’s Commemoration of the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, in June, Kim Holien gave a compelling talk about Civil War officers, six Union and six Confederate, for whom some of our west end streets were named; it noted that both sides included thorough rascals.

Letter: Common Sense Gun Measures

Letter to the Editor

Our thoughts and prayers are with state of Virginia and the families, friends, and colleagues of Alison Parker and Adam Ward killed on live television.

Column: Warming to Solar Power


Last week, the State Corporation Commission (SCC) approved an innovative solar program proposed by Dominion Resources, a project that will enhance consumer choices and facilitate clean, renewable energy production for many Virginians.

Letter: Benefits of Redevelopment

Letter to the Editor

Vernon Miles of the Alexandria Gazette Packet wrote a significant article about redevelopment in Old Town.

Letter: Time for ‘New Blood’

Letter to the Editor

This will reply to the letter in your Aug. 20 edition asking “[w]hat is it about Euille’s candidacy that so concerns the vice mayor’s supporters?”

Letter: Not All Are Opposed

Letter to the Editor

I need to respond to your front page article in the Aug. 27, 2015 Alexandria Gazette Packet "Redeveloping and Reshaping Old Town."

Letter: Voices of Reason

Letter to the Editor

In 1998, I established my residence in Old Town, Alexandria, and have grown to love this charming city, although recently the City Council’s political bickering has challenged my enthusiasm.

Letter: Protect Historic Public Housing

Letter to the Editor

Do Alexandria’s historic districts mean anything? That is the question that City Council will answer Sept. 12 when it decides whether to uphold or overturn the Parker Gray Board of Architectural Review’s unanimous decision to reject the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s (ARHA) request to demolish Ramsey Homes on 600 block of North Patrick Street.

Letter: Demand Action For Gun Sense

Letter to the Editor

Virginia is now known as the state where murder is broadcast on live TV. A disgruntled former station employee shot and killed reporter Alison Parker, 24, and her cameraman, Adam Ward, 27, in Moneta.