Drawn from the 15 weekly community newspapers published by Connection Newspapers.


Letter: Ten Tips for Culturally Aware Children

To the Editor

Many children start to show an interest in different cultures at a young age, whether through ethnic food, friends at school, unique clothes, or hearing a foreign language spoken for the first time.

Letter: Bulova Leads Progress Toward Springfield Senior Center

On April 13, 2016, Fairfax County Chairman Sharon Bulova chaired a working group meeting that laid the foundation for concrete progress toward building a permanent facility for a senior center in Springfield District, the only district without a permanent senior center in Fairfax County.

Letter: The Money Train

To the Editor

This year, however, LANK is displaying the names of its families making these cash donations on a large sign outside the preschool.

Letter: Clean Energy Creates New Opportunities

To the Editor

This Earth Day, April 22, the United States signed the Paris Agreement, which required unprecedented international cooperation to address climate change by reducing carbon pollution. Even before the agreement is formally signed, countries have been taking action by investing in clean, renewable energy - a necessary step to meet commitments of carbon reduction.

Commentary: Reconvened Session—2016

The Library of Virginia has an informative new exhibit “First Freedom” that includes documents on the passage of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom penned by Thomas Jefferson and passed by the Virginia General Assembly in 1786.

Letter: Call to Protect Grizzly Bears

To the Editor

Recently, several bears have been sighted in the Vienna/Oakton area. In Virginia we’re fortunate to share our wild back yards with our wild neighbors.

Editorial: More Voters Might Not Mean Much More Voting

Governor’s action brings Virginia in line with 39 other states.

Last week, Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) restored the voting and civil rights of more than 200,000 Virginians who were convicted of felonies, served their time and completed any supervised release, parole or probation requirements.

Mount Vernon Letter: Farewell To Mia

Letter to the Editor

This week, I want to take a step back from discussions of civic issues to remember my dog Mia who passed away on April 18, 2016. Mia graced the front page of the July 23, 2015 Pet Gazette, perhaps given that honor because she was the oldest dog whose photo was submitted.

Mount Vernon Letter: A Necessary Inconvenience

Letter to the Editor

As another resident of Stratford Landing who is being temporarily inconvenienced by the current repaving operation, I wish to enter my approval for the operation.

Mount Vernon Letter: Morrogh Must Explain

Letter to the Editor

On Aug. 29, 2013, then Fairfax County police officer Adam D. Torres, without justification or provocation, shot and killed unarmed John B. Geer.

Mount Vernon Letter: Repave Before Severe Damage

Letter to the Editor

In the April 21 Gazette, Mr. Spiegel asserted his position being unconvinced that the repaving of his street was essential.

Tease photo

Alexandria Column: Supporting Verizon Strikers


Sunday, May 1 is May Day, where we recognize the accomplishments of organized labor. On this day the precursor to the AFL-CIO proclaimed, “Eight hours shall constitute a legal day’s labor from and after May 1, 1886.”

Alexandria Letter: Rational Spending

Letter to the Editor

I want to thank Mayor Allison Silberberg for her April 21 reflection [“Decision Time on City Budget Deliberations”] on the city's upcoming budget decisions. She continues to live up to her reputation as "A Voice of Reason" as her campaign claimed.

Alexandria Letter: Airport Noise – City Approved?

Letter to the Editor

My wife and I just returned after four months in Arizona. We live in Old Town just two blocks from the river.

Alexandria Letter: Rental Rates Cheat Taxpayers

Letter to the Editor

The article in the Gazette Packet last week [“Battle at Torpedo Factory”] fails to highlight the problem that the City of Alexandria has been giving the Art League an extraordinary deal on the rent of the building over the past 40 years.