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Volunteer Robin Turner brought her rescue dog with the unforgettable name of Journey. Lively, friendly, this American foxhound-mix enjoyed the crowd and shook hands with two admirers, Abby Gloekler, 11 of Annapolis and Anissa Jean-Claude, 8 who also played in the Family Day tennis clinic.

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Connecting pets with tennis tournament crowds.


Masha 4 years, 9 months ago

Remakes, remasters, sequels, spin-offs and just new Japanese role-playing games have recently come out so much that it all resembles some insane epidemic, arranged by nunnery lupo-eyed boys and girls with purple hair. However, not always these games are done by the Japanese themselves. Here, for example, Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds has developed the Indonesian studio Semisoft - as a declaration of love in the genre of JRPG, but with a fresh look at some aspects of the gameplay. Games online"> play games free.

Setting, the plot, its submission - everything is quite usual here. There is peace, the title Legend, frozen in anticipation of the local apocalypse - a circle of disease, wars, terrible prophecies, curses and some hanging stones in the sky, which do not promise anything good. And there are heroes who this world, of course, must save.

The protagonist Tale of the Fatebounds is a young man named Finn, who, as expected, remembers nothing of his past. He turned out to be a slave and got to the gladiatorial arena, where, when he was dying, he suddenly threw out an unknown force, simply squeezed into the powder of the local champion.

Impressed with this, Finn bought a strange old telepath, communicating with a young man with the help of thoughts, and asked to accompany him on a dangerous journey through the desert, in time to reach the sick daughter and give her the right medicine. Naturally, everything will go wrong then, as planned, and will eventually result in an epic adventure.


ViktorPilevin 4 years, 9 months ago

Fans of PvE can launch a cooperative mode, in which a team of four people battles with waves of AI-controlled opponents. Enemies turn out to be quite intelligent and die far not as easily as one might think. The only problem is that the deceased participant remains dead until the end of the match, because of what it is almost impossible to try to win waves with a group of "random" - if someone immediately leaves the game, then one can not try.

This concludes the content - everything that was available in the game three years ago, remained in place. But almost nothing new in the Gang Beasts has appeared. Nowhere is the nightmarish interface, as if done hastily. And it's not so much in primitive fonts and lack of training, as in its strangeness. Combat to death consists of several stages, between which a leader table is displayed. And sometimes it does not appear at all, and if you see it, it's just the faces of the little men in the column with the poorly drawn stars that signify victory.

Bugs are also encountered during the battle - sometimes the camera can go to the side, because of what its fighter can not be found on the screen. This is especially annoying in those moments when you are thrown out of the server without a warning in just ten seconds, explaining this by the lack of activity. A similar situation arose on my map with trucks - figuring out all the opponents on my side, I just watched the fight of the two remaining players on the other car. Who knew what would be punished for this?