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Watching over the Citi dogs as well as everyone else during Family Day and the week-long tournament, U.S. Park Police Officer Robert Berretta and his partner, Shiloh, a 7-year-old German shepherd, pause for a picture during their rounds.

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Connecting pets with tennis tournament crowds.


Masha 4 years, 9 months ago

The plot develops, as it should be in JRPG, strictly linearly, and yet it is interesting to follow it. In everything there is a constant drama, even an upsurge, the future is covered with fog for a long time, and even the mystery of Finn's past is intriguing. In addition, Legrand Legacy has a well-written world inhabited by different, sometimes very unusual, races, including upright lions and the same telepaths - it's a trivial thing to learn about it something new, communicating and moving along the plot.">

And there are still indifferent characters who, by the will of fate and the local god, Lear, now and then join us. They differ from each other in character and sometimes quite persistently show them. For example, a strict and very important blonde Aria first, almost by force, makes Finn help her, and then turns to him at all other than "Hey, peasant, you'll carry my things!". Erica, the daughter of that same old telepathist, on the other hand, is modest and seemingly fragile, but can incinerate all life if she is out of her mind.

This immediately introduces a special peppery in the relationship between local rescuers of the world. Surprisingly, in the game from independent Indonesian developers, conversations between characters and the characters themselves are more interesting than in the Lost Sphear of Square Enix, which was released around the same time. They can even discuss the problem of virginity - someone probably will humble it, but personally for me it is a sign that the characters have turned out to be alive and nothing human is alien to them.


Sara18 1 year, 10 months ago

The developers themselves call their game philosophical anti-fantasy. The world in which The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante takes place has been worked out in detail (it's not without reason that live role-playing games have been held in it for ten years). There is a place for magic, religion and reflections on the path of man. The lot of the majority there is to work and suffer, and our hero, the very Mr. Brante, is no exception. Of course, the player will also have to suffer - remember how it was with Napalm Death ? But the suffering will not be three seconds, but will stretch for ten hours, and at first you will not even feel the trick.

In the best tradition of video games, people in the Arknian Empire have multiple lives. For example, representatives of the nobility, dying, are resurrected the next morning in the family crypt, but such a trick can be done only three times: after the fourth, true death occurs and the poor fellow goes to the Gemini, the local gods, who divided the society into three inheritances - nobles, priests and commoners. The former lead and dispose of other people's destinies, the latter instruct people on the right path, and the third must resignedly accept all the blows of fate. And although Brante was born a commoner, it is in his power to change the usual order of things and become someone else.


ViktorPilevin 4 years, 9 months ago

It rarely happens that all the episodes in a divided into several parts of the game are successful. Perhaps, that's why the developers from Deck Nine offered the buyers Life is Strange: Before the Storm three chapters instead of the usual five. They wanted to make a prequel, telling about several fragments from the life of Chloe and Rachel, and did not begin to stretch the story for ten hours. And they did the right thing.

The authors had a difficult task - to explain why Rachel made so much noise in the town of Arcadia Bay. Who she was to Chloe and because of what she always remembers about it? Why do all the residents in the district know about it and at every corner you can find posters with her image? Passed the original Life is Strange was not aware of the heroine is almost nothing, but in the prequel much is explained in detail.

At first glance, Rachel seems like a typical school superstar. She receives excellent marks in all subjects, performs the main role in the play and attracts the attention of fans and envious persons. But almost none of this makes her really happy. Chloe is also trying to find her place in this world, but she is almost the exact opposite of Rachel: he is skipping lessons, breaking public order and is one step away from deduction.

It would seem that it is possible to connect so many different characters? Script writers explain this very well, so the relationship of the girls does not seem to be too much for the ears. Both heroines see each other what the others do not notice, but already in the first episode a pinch of family drama is added to the emotional cocktail. Chloe, as we know, the father was killed in the accident, and the mother found herself a new lover and allowed him to enter the apartment. Rachel's situation is no better, and in the finale of the second episode she learns a shocking truth.

If the original was built around Max's superhero abilities and was full of fantasy elements, then Before the Storm became more earthy and mundane. Periodically you can see "unrealistic" episodes like Chloe's conversations with the deceased father, but they are explained by her mental state and look appropriate. And the lack of the opportunity to rewind time and see the consequences of each decision makes the choice in dialogues even more difficult than before. More than once you will think for several minutes what action to take in this or that situation, and no one will rush you.


Sara18 1 year, 10 months ago

In the 90s, not every family had a computer or a set-top box, and books came to the rescue of those thirsty to play, which allowed the reader to independently make decisions and move the plot. They were called that - game books. Over time, they began to lose popularity, giving way to more advanced ways to feel in the thick of things. But the wheel of Samsara has given a turn, and now we can launch "The Life and Sufferings of Mr. Brante" , which looks like a book, but you have to go through it without flipping the paper pages, but by clicking on the button that is responsible for this very flipping.

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Jansen 1 year, 10 months ago

It turns out that the choice of replicas affects not so much the story as your options for subsequent actions. Many will simply be locked up, since all the conditions are not met for them: there are not enough digits in some of the parameters or some event did not play (because once there were not enough digits in some of the parameters). It comes to the point of absurdity: if Brante did not fence with his father at the age of five, then he will not see victory in the knightly tournament, and no matter how well the hero's prowess is pumped. Twenty of Valor and the "Invincible" status will not help you, and in a situation where you decide to come to the rescue of your childhood friend, the hero will still be killed in a skirmish.