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From left: Springfield residents Adam Alsaegh, 9, rising fifth grader, his father Zuhair, 49, a teacher, and Zara, 8, a third grader pose for a picture at the North Springfield Swim Club pool in Springfield.

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A Hidden Gem of Springfield


Masha 2 years, 1 month ago

Do not confuse simulators of the railroad tycoon with simulators of rolling stock. In the latter case, the player assumes the role of the train driver and his task is to deliver the load or passengers from point A to point B in time and without critical consequences. The reliable location of the rivets on the boiler of some Rocket (one of the first English locomotives) and a realistic system management with the need to comply with all the rules of motion - to taste.">

"Tykun" is another. Here you have to think at a strategic level, and the trains themselves and the railways are just an instrument of making money. And there are other ways to replenish the account in the bank: playing on the stock exchange, buying and developing their own industrial enterprises. Railway Empire - that's about it.

The time and place of the game was chosen not accidentally - in the United States of the XIX century the railway played a huge role in the development of new possessions of the West Coast. Aviation and cars were not yet in sight, and cartage and water vehicles could not fully meet the growing transport demands of the young state. In addition, compared to Europe, the North American continent did not yet have a well-developed road system, so any trip to the west was a real test (by the way, one of the first video games in history - The Oregon Trail) is devoted to such expeditions.


ViktorPilevin 2 years, 1 month ago

In fact, when you talk about how touching and tearful the story was in To the Moon, I personally find it hard to resist and not say - it was such a conscious manipulation of the feelings of the players. Two doctors from Zygmund are trying to realize the last dream of the dying Johnny - to fly to the moon to see there with his long-dead wife, because once, as a child, they agreed to meet exactly there if they lose each other. Agree, even a simple description of the plot causes tearful urge.

Kan Gao (Kan Gao), author of To the Moon, almost immediately torpedo sensitive players with the deaths of Johnny's close ones, personal dramas and tragedies. But you can not call this manipulation cheap either - there was a competently constructed intrigue with a catharsis decoupling, melancholic music, many interesting details and even excellent humor. Well, how can I resist?

Recall and change

But in Finding Paradise everything is somewhat more complicated. The game does not try to immediately cause you to cry, but raises more serious questions about what is happiness and what makes a person happy, about the regrets that we experience in our lives, about whether it's worth changing something, about the difference between reality and expectations, about loneliness and so on.

Eva Rosalyn and Neal Watts, the same doctors from the company "Zygmund", a new client - who is dying (and actually in a coma) Colin, who could be seen in A Bird Story boy, letting paper airplanes. So, Colin, unlike Johnny from the first part, lived a long happy life - and what is his last wish, really does not know himself.