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Because sources vary, comparisons within a given measure above are better than comparisons between measures. Many reporting agencies follow the Census Bureau’s convention, according to which “Hispanic” / “Latino” isn’t a race, but an ethnic category that can apply to any race. This doesn’t necessarily reflect colloquial convention, according to which “Hispanic” / “Latino” may often mean a de facto racial category of “brown,” distinct from “white” and “black.” Agencies also don’t necessarily apply the formal convention uniformly. Sometimes they report overlapping figures such that, e.g., a Hispanic white would count both as “white” and “Hispanic” (e.g., ACS total population, DCHS above). Other times, agencies differentiate Hispanics from non-Hispanic whites and blacks, in which case there’s no overlap (e.g, APD above). Sometimes public documents don’t clarify the convention used (e.g., ARHA above).

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‘Not Always Laudable’ in Alexandria

City government aims to identify, correct racial and other prejudices.



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