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Josh Abtew #1, who led Fairfax with 18 points, tries to avoid Westfield’s Taylor Morin #2 and Kamran Zahory #10.

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Fairfax Rebels Win in Double Overtime



Anna1988 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Kingdom Come: Deliverance beta is still full of flaws. The developers, I hope, will have time to cope with them. However, in addition to this, a much more serious danger hangs over the game - to be misunderstood. Realism and hardcore can be incompatible with fun role-playing. Warhorse Studios took on a very daring and risky venture trying to create an RPG in a real world, not a fantasy medieval world. I really want to hope that our fears will not come true, because if Kingdom Come succeeds, an immense number of fresh, original settings from real history will open up for the role-playing genre."> However, the battles are clearly lacking in entertainment - the movements of the warriors are unnaturally sharp, there is unforgivably little blood, and successful attacks resemble blows with an ax on a tree."> On the one hand, all this realism is very attractive, on the other hand, in an RPG, a sense of the character's progress is of no small importance, which arises, among other things, due to superiority over once strong rivals."> If the "pumping" concerns only speed and survivability, then battles can get boring very quickly. True, the developers have a trump card in the form of massive battle scenes with the participation of dozens of soldiers. The epic scale is intriguing, but alarming - the "iron", unlike our fantasies, has a limit.


blackmagicmaulana 3 years, 1 month ago

Hey thank you!!! I was seeking for the particular information for long time. Good Luck


Anna1988 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Skills in Kingdom Come are pumped as they are used. It seems to be quite logical, but in practice come out comical situations."> So, Henry failed to convince the girl to reveal the whereabouts of Smell. Then the hero walked around the corner, fumbled with some onlooker for a minute, improved his skill, after which the lady answered with pleasure."> Let's hope that the development of dexterity will not turn our knight into a "bouncy", as it was in some Morrowind."> So far, there have been no interesting decisions in the field of "pumping" in the game. The character's menu shows off a standard set of known skills."> Traditionally, you can engage in theft, alchemy, blacksmithing. Variation in the growth of the character, as well as in the passage of the plot, it seems, will not be here."> There are no clear specializations in sight yet. Because of the notorious realism, the development of the hero can become a background activity that does not have much value as a supplement to the gameplay."> This suspicion is reinforced when you hear the proud announcements of the developers: "Success in battle depends not so much on the skill of your character as on your personal skill.""> The combat system is really the most interesting thing about Kingdom Come... The developers have devoted a huge amount of time to it. The knight codes that actually existed in the Middle Ages were taken as a basis, which described the method of warfare of that time."> The developers tried to reproduce the battles as accurately as possible. The battle boils down to choosing the direction and type of strike and parrying enemy attacks."> Timely reaction to the opponent's attack provides an opportunity for a counterattack, and non-stop “clicking” and senseless carnage is prevented by a “streak” of fatigue. The type of armor and weapons determines the speed of actions in battle. When attacking, you need to aim at the least protected place on the enemy's body."> The fights are very unhurried. So, a battle with a knight in heavy armor can drag on for five minutes. Kingdom Come's combat system captivates with its regularity- in battle, you really feel the power put into each blow, literally feel the weight of weapons and armor.