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Babe Ruth Commissioner Brian Seeley, SYA President Gary Flather, award winners Steve Shaffer and Beth Thurston. (Not pictured: Patrick Thurston.)

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Sara18 4 years ago

Developers from Ubisoft Blue Byte , known even by The Settlers , take a persistence. With purely German perseverance, they issue strategies with different numbers in the title, but similar in nature. A cozy world-the archipelago, constantly growing demands of settlers and the need to expand their trading network for them, establishing ties and laying new factories on remote islands. We begin in the holey portraits and with the fish on a clay dish, and finish in silks and gold, when it is allowed to buy everyone and everything. In other words, after testing any game of the series, in the rest you will feel at ease. Only this time the dish turned out to be flying, and it takes far away - exactly on the Moon.

Unlike the Anno 2070 , the new Blue Byte game shifts the focus from political parties to corporations. The previous part of the series abounded in gloomy tones: the world survived the apocalypse, because of the melting of polar ice from the land there was only a ridge of islets on the surface of the ocean, and concern for the environment turned to humanity as an end in itself. However, by the 23rd century, hysteria around the pollution of the environment slowed down: climatic conditions in the Arctic tamed the elements, so the industry in temperate latitudes is free to smoke and extract fossils to the fullest. It is in such a place, giving complete freedom of action, we begin the game. Here Anno 2205little different from the classics of 1998, only instead of the colonists on the shore of the island go workers, chewing not vegetables from the garden, and noodles from fast food.

Since our corporation is young and it only play">Bloons Tower Defense 5 games has to compete with business tycoons, the requests of the first settlers are simple - marking out the streets and residential quarters, it is enough to feed them from the wind power station, to put in a couple of places catering, logistics and the building materials factory, and then let into the city water from a pump on the shore. But the population is never content with small ones: barely having stuffed their stomachs, people will demand the Internet, and then, after evolving from the workers into operators, they will want safety, health care and freshly squeezed juices. Top-managers, the top of the urban population, do not live without wine, steaks and medical implants. Moreover, the growth of inquiries creates new production and encourages the expansion of the city, so it also forces to expansion. Yes, and put into operation a spaceport by the efforts of one colony does not work out.


Sara18 4 years ago

As in the previous parts of the series, the resources here are divided into different geographical areas. But if in Anno 1404 everything fits in one location and silk with spices were within the reach of the fleet, now for the sake of scarce raw materials it is necessary to master from a scratch a separate biome - the Arctic. Without polar explorers, residents of warm regions will not receive high technologies, including computers or the same implants, and without vitamins from the starting location, the development of the snow branch will be stalled. Without packages from the north, the space program also zabuksuet. Only life in the Arctic is very different from the city: dwellings are huddled to sources of heat like factories or gas power stations, the exhausts of factories and mines are watched by the Keepers of the Arctic - an analog of ecologists from Anno 2070, and the population consists of only two layers - defenders and scientists. This vividly reminds of the division into conditional-western and conditional-eastern colonies in Anno 1404 , up to a different gameplay.

Finally, having accumulated enough resources and bringing to mind the port, you can drill a space elevator to the stratosphere and transfer with the station "Stanislav Lem" to send the first settlers to the lifeless satellite of the Earth. Although the development of the moon is the main intrigue of Anno 2205, immediately jerk there will not work - first you need to spend several hours on development, get out of the mud to the princes and fatten your corporation to such a level that the support of such a remote colony is on the shoulder and, more importantly, affordable. After all, everything here, from barracks to solar cells, is exorbitant. In addition, you have to cover the buildings with power shields, because meteorites can smash any building into splinters.