100 Students Balance 2 Schools

100 Students Balance 2 Schools

Daniels Run Elementary, located at 3705 Old Lee Highway in Fairfax, is already overcrowded. The enrollment is currently 834 while its capacity is 740 students, according to data Facilities and Transportation Services provided to the School Board last Thursday, Jan. 22.

Enrollment is projected to increase to 875 in 2008 if no changes are made.

Providence Elementary School currently has space available. Providence, located at 3616 Jermantown Road in Fairfax, has a capacity of 806 but only has 718 currently enrolled. Without any adjustments, Providence would be well under capacity through the 2009-09 school year.

The Fairfax County School Board is scheduled to vote on Feb. 26 on a proposal that will move a number of neighborhoods and apartment complexes currently served by Daniels Run into the Providence attendance area.

With the changes, student population at Daniels Run would be 742 in 2004-05, increasing to 774 in 2008-09 while Providence would have 807 students in 2004-05, increasing to 866 in 2008-09.

A series of town meetings were held about the proposed boundary changes on Oct. 21, Nov. 18 and Dec. 11. The changes are projected to impact 94 students in 2004-05 and approximately 100 students from 2005-2009.

The Fairfax City School Board recommends approval of the adjustments to the Providence and Daniels Run attendance areas for the 2004-05 school year.

"Per standard procedure, rising sixth grade students should have the opportunity to remain at Daniels Run elementary School with busing provided," wrote Janice Miller, chairman of the City of Fairfax School Board, in a letter addressed to the Fairfax County School Board on Jan. 9. "We are also recommending the option to offer liberal pupil placement to rising fifth graders with busing provided during the first year, but no busing option assured for the second year."