Two Appointed to GMU Board

Two Appointed to GMU Board

McLean residents named to George Mason University's Board of Visitors.

Kathleen M. deLaski watched George Mason University grow from a small college to a “world-class university” from a front-row seat.

“My family was always quite involved with the university, so I’ve been able to watch it blossom,” said deLaski, who grew up in Northern Virginia. “I remember when Braddock Road was just a dirt road. It was exciting to see George Mason University grow up.”

Gov. Mark Warner (D) recently named deLaski and Sudhakar V. Shenoy to the Board of Visitors at George Mason University.

“This is the governing body of the university. They oversee the budget and make sure the administration adheres to the mission of the university,” said Dan Walsh, a spokesman for the university. The Board of Visitors is made up of 16 members, each appointed to a four-year term.

Shenoy was first appointed to the Board of Visitors by Gov. James Gilmore four years ago.

“I do a lot of recruiting for new employees at George Mason University and I believe that, in order for a region to be successful, we need a great university in Northern Virginia. George Mason University is it,” said Shenoy, founder, chairman and CEO of Information Management Consultants Inc. “I wanted to be involved in the university in whatever capacity I could.”

A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology and the University of Connecticut Schools of Engineering and Business Administration, Shenoy has also served on the board for the School of Information Technology and Engineering at GMU.

The Board of Visitors “sets policies and financial goals for the university and works with the president and provost,” he said. “We are responsible for all issues of development and infrastructure of the school.”

Shenoy applauds the university’s administration, and is proud of the university’s success in a few short decades.

“Our law school is now in the top 30 or 35 percent in the nation,” Shenoy said. “I hope this board can continue to do more of the same work we’ve done in the past four years and continue to make George Mason University one of the best universities people can go to. I love this position.”

DELASKI CURRENTLY serves as president of the Sallie Mae Fund, one of the nation’s largest nonprofits geared toward helping low-income and minority families pay for secondary education. Prior to her position as president, deLaski served as the senior vice president and chief communications officer for the for-profit Sallie Mae organization.

“I’m still getting to know the president of the university," said deLaski, who looks forward to the opportunity to serve the university.

“I would like to help in the efforts of broadening the cross section of families who have access to the premiere university in our area and help widen the spectrum of families who gain access to George Mason University and what it has to offer,” deLaski said. “I think this is going to be great.”