Residential Projects in the Works

Residential Projects in the Works

* Eastwood Properties is building 35 single-family, detached homes on 13.4 acres along Old Mill Road in Centreville. It's also agreed to help improve Old Mill, Mount Olive and Old Centreville roads. Currently, Old Mill is narrow, has ditches and no shoulder; but Eastwood will complete Old Mill Road all the way up to Old Centreville Road. It will also contribute about $112,000 to the Fairfax County schools serving the children who'll live in this new, residential community.

Stanley Martin Cos. is both a builder and a developer. The land is on the south side of Old Mill Road, between Centre Ridge and Mount Olive, and is accessed from Old Mill. Lots will range in size from 6,000 to 12,000 square feet. The homes will be 2,400 to 3,300 square feet, with two-car garages plus space to park two more vehicles in the driveway apron. A central open space is planned for recreational facilities, trails and a tot lot.

* Old Centreville Road Subdivision: This residential project, built by Ivy Development, consists of eight, single-family homes along Old Centreville Road, across from the Old Mill community in Centreville. Preliminary site work is currently underway. This project also includes construction of a trail from Water Wheel Way to Centreville United Methodist Church.

* Camden Monument Place: A four-story apartment complex with a plaza and some small retail businesses is well under construction in Fair Oaks. Called Camden Monument Place, it's at the corner of Monument Drive and Fair Lakes Parkway, near Fair Oaks Mall.

Texas-based developer Camden is building 372 units on the 7 1/2-acre site; 60 percent of the apartments will be one-bedroom, and 40 percent, 2-bedroom. The buildings will have elevators and will front on Monument and Fair Lakes, with a trail along Monument. Virtually all the parking will be contained inside one of the buildings, on the back side. And a swimming pool, gym and rec center will be on site for the residents' enjoyment.

* EYA Residential Community:

EYA Development is building 210 homes along West Ox and Legato roads in Fair Oaks. They will arise on a 7.85-acre site within a multi-family building containing 120 condominiums, plus 90 townhouses. Home sizes will range from 800 square feet for the smallest condo to 2,900 square feet for the largest townhouse, with prices ranging from $300,000 to close to a million dollars.

The property is adjacent to Centerpoint Church and near the Ragan Oaks and Monument Place by Camden residential communities. It's also right across the street from commercial office buildings and the Fairfax Towne Center. Intended as a classy, upscale product, the homes will have a contemporary architectural style.

The four-story townhouses will even feature roof decks. And the four-story condo building, at the corner of West Ox and Legato, will have two levels of parking underneath. Guests will park along the internal streets, and the townhouses will have two-car garages.

An attractive streetscape is planned, with front doors addressing the street, plus a clear path for pedestrians. A pocket park will be created at the southern end of the site, and there'll be a substantial tree-save area, as well as two more pocket parks next to the church property. The developer has also agreed to save two, 24-inch-wide oak trees near the church.

In addition, EYA envisions a street wall with trees along Legato Road. The two entrances to the community will line up with the entrance to the nearby office buildings, and a plaza/park area will be directly opposite the offices' plaza/park. The condo building will include a fitness area and place for gatherings, as well as 16 affordable dwelling units (ADUs).

* Knolls Redevelopment: Landmark Communities will eventually demolish the old Knolls of Newgate apartments (now called Sunset Knolls) in Centreville and replace them with luxury townhouses. Planned are 176 townhouses and 15 ADUs (affordable dwelling units), for 191 units total.

The Knolls is along Machen Road and St. Germain Drive, and the new development's access will be directly across the street from the Centreville Regional Library. The project includes sidewalks all around and a 600-foot private street to be maintained by the new homeowners association. Each townhouse will be about 2,000 square feet and have its own car space and garage.

There'll be elevator options and rear doors in each unit so children could have easy access to neighboring homes. Homes are anticipated to sell in the low $600,000s or higher, depending on their options. The project is currently going through the final site-plan process with the county. Actual site development is expected to be done during 2007, with construction and occupancy in 2008.