Johnson Pleads Guilty to Dealing Coke

Johnson Pleads Guilty to Dealing Coke

After being indicted by the grand jury in May for distribution of cocaine, a Chantilly man has pleaded guilty in court. He is Gilbert Johnson, 46, of 4097 Weeping Willow Court.

In a Feb. 27, 2006 affidavit for a warrant to look for evidence in his townhouse, two, undercover narcotics detectives explained the case against him. After field-testing samples of cocaine reportedly purchased from Johnson, the detectives wrote that they tested positive for that drug.

They noted, as well, that he'd been arrested eight previous times for distribution of cocaine. And when police executed the search warrant at Johnson's home, March 1, 2006, they seized two jeweler's bags filled with crack cocaine. One bag was found inside a hat on the kitchen table, and the other was hidden inside a trash can in the kitchen.

Police also confiscated pills from the top of the refrigerator, records and documents from the kitchen counter, crack cocaine from an end table in the living room, plus a crack pipe, a crack-pipe stem and a plastic bag with suspected drug residue from other parts of the home.

The next day, Feb. 28, 2006, Fairfax county police charged Johnson with one count of distributing cocaine. However, a year passed before he came to court. The grand jury indicted him, May 21 and, last Tuesday, June 12, he pleaded guilty in Circuit Court.

Before accepting his plea, Judge Jonathan Thacher made sure Johnson was entering it freely and voluntarily and because he was, indeed, guilty as charged. Thacher then set sentencing for Aug. 10

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