Incumbents Retake Council Seats

Incumbents Retake Council Seats

Dellinger, Lovelace, Robinson sweep challengers.

Vienna voters overwhelmingly showed their support for three of Vienna's council incumbents in the town's annual elections on May 1, as they renewed the two-year terms of Dan Dellinger, George Lovelace and Maud Robinson.

The defeat of challengers Deborah Brehony and Susan Stich marked the 14th straight election where incumbent council members retained their seats over the efforts of challengers, according to election figures.

Dellinger led the pack with 1,655 votes, with Lovelace coming in a close second with 1,633. Robinson, the wife of the late former Vienna mayor Charles Robinson, retained her seat with 1,416 tallies.

In her first local election bid, Brehony, co-owner of a local residential contractor, finished with 866 votes. Stich came up short in her second bid for council in as many years, amassing 858 votes.

The election winners ran on tickets opposed to the wholesale redevelopment of the town's Maple Avenue corridor and an increased effort for neighborhood preservation.

The elections featured an uncharacteristically high turnout for a non-mayoral compaign, as a total of 2,351 voters showed up to polls, according to election officials. An additional 65 absentee ballots were casted, they added.

Mayor M. Jane Seeman, who publicy supported the three incumbents during the elections and was Robinson's designated poll watcher on Tuesday night, said that she was pleased by the results.

"I was prepared to work with anyone who won, but I'm glad with how this turned out," Seeman said. "I think the citizens responded to what they saw in this elections and that's all you can say."