Two TJ Students Earn Gold Award

Two TJ Students Earn Gold Award

Two Thomas Jefferson High School students, Megan Ganley and Rachel Chuang, earned the Girl Scouts highest honor this year--the Gold Award.

Megan Ganley, a sophomore from Vienna, created a series of comic books aimed at young children. These books focused on healthy eating and self-esteem. Megan brought her books to local Girl Scout troops and to Colvin Run Elementary school classes, where the children were able to add their own creative pages to the books. Megan then distributed these

completed books to each class and group. Megan feels strongly that kids need to take more initiative in choosing a healthy lifestyle, and she wants kids to know that being different is all right.

Rachel Chuang, a senior from Great Falls, built WAPIs a water

pasteurization indicator that shows when all the bacteria in the water are killed at 65 degrees Celsius. These indicators are then shipped to developing countries where the users can tell when the water is safe for drinking.

Both Girls will be honored with a Gold Award ceremony at Andrew Chapel on June 3.