Public Forum to Discuss Tysons Transportation Funding

Public Forum to Discuss Tysons Transportation Funding

After seventeen months of deliberation, County officials have developed a plan for the Board of Supervisors on how to fund an estimated $3.1 billion in additional transportation needed to support the transformation of Tysons into an urban center. County residents will now have an opportunity to hear planners discuss the recommendations at a public forum. The McLean Citizens Association hosts the meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2, from 7:30–9:30 p.m. at the McLean Community Center, 1234 Ingleside Ave., McLean.

“County taxpayers need to know the magnitude of the financial obligations and risks that Tysons redevelopment will entail for them,” said MCA President Sally K. Horn. Tysons redevelopment has been a priority issue for MCA, and MCA is encouraging civic groups and residents County-wide to attend.

County speakers slated to appear include: Walter Alcorn, at-large planning commissioner and chair, Planning Commission Tysons Committee; Jay Donahue, Dranesville planning commissioner; and Barbara Byron, director of the office of community revitalization. Rob Jackson, chair of the MCA Tysons Liaison Committee will also speak. Among the key issues to be addressed are:

*How the estimated $3.1 billion in road and additional transit costs will be split among developers, Tysons residents and businesses, and County taxpayers; the expected impact on taxes.

*The funding mechanisms, including a Tysons Service District, Road Club and bond offerings.

*What State and Federal funds are anticipated to offset the large County burden; the importance of citizen support in securing these funds.