Letter: Osprey Nest on Live Video

Letter: Osprey Nest on Live Video

To the Editor:

Several years ago, I installed a wood piling and a platform about 200 feet offshore from my home on Little Hunting Creek. Apparently, my choice of location was attractive because, every year since, an osprey pair has built a nest on the platform and raised at least two chicks.

This year is no exception, but after lengthy research, this year I've installed a camera next to the nest (see accompanying photo) and live video is now viewable on my updated website accessible at www.littlehuntingcreek.org. Just click on the "OSPREYCAM" button, scroll down and click on the blue arrow. After viewing a short advertisement (provided by www.ustream.com), the nest image will be visible live. The website includes information concerning the creek and helpful links.

The female osprey has laid two eggs so far and there may be more to come. We expect chicks to begin to hatch from mid to late May. Enjoy the show!

H. Jay Spiegel

Mount Vernon