Letter to the Editor: Ready For Flight

Letter to the Editor: Ready For Flight


An osprey flies over Little Hunting Creek.

— As of the date of publication, the two osprey chicks in the Little Hunting Creek OspreyCam nest are over 50 days old. As reported by the Georgian Bay Osprey Society (http://www.gbosprey.ca/About.html), osprey chicks typically begin flying at 50-60 days, so we are about to witness their first aerial efforts.

Our osprey parents have done a remarkable job feeding and nurturing the chicks. Momma osprey (see photo) is a remarkably beautiful raptor. Her mate is an expert at catching fish and brings a fresh fish to the nest virtually every day.

The OspreyCam web page has been wildly successful with over 4,300 visits to date. It can be viewed at the following link: http://www.littlehuntingcreek.org/ospreycam.html

Based upon feedback I've received, the web site is being viewed worldwide. Enjoy the show!

H. Jay Spiegel

Mount Vernon