Letter to the Editor: Watch Them Grow

Letter to the Editor: Watch Them Grow


This osprey nest can be viewed on live video.

To the Editor:

In my letter of April 25, I reported on the video camera I installed next to the Osprey nest behind my home on Little Hunting Creek. At that time, I revealed that our Osprey mother had laid two eggs. On May 22 and 23, the eggs hatched and two Osprey chicks are rapidly growing as their father frequently brings fish to the nest. It is quite interesting to observe the father tearing off fish flesh and transferring it to the mother, mouth to mouth, whereupon the mother feeds her babies. We expect the babies to grow quickly and begin flying by mid-July. The show can be watched at the web address:


As of this week, the site has received over 2,300 visitors. Enjoy the show and also peruse the website which provides educational information about Little Hunting Creek as well as useful links to other websites.

H. Jay Spiegel

Mount Vernon