To the Editor: Facts About Rec Center

To the Editor: Facts About Rec Center

The misinformation spilling out concerning a proposed recreation center for Reston is shielding the light that could be shining on the subject. No wonder that confusion is prevalent. I hope that presenting some factual information will help clear up the atmosphere and lead to a reasoned conclusion.

For Restonians, today's athletic facilities fall short of meeting their needs. An inclusive indoor facility would be the answer to this shortfall. Such a facility should include a 50-meter swimming pool, space adaptable for basketball, volleyball, track, yoga and the like and a workout equipment room; it could include tennis courts.

Two of the concerns that have been raised about building this facility are, if it is to be built, where should it be located and who would pay for it. RCC (Reston Community Center, a Fairfax County satellite with two centers, the main one in Hunters Woods and the other in Lake Anne) has been considering Baron Cameron Park as the best place to build it. This park is owned by the Fairfax County Park Authority. It consists of 68 acres of land with four ball fields and a dog park. The proposed recreation center would occupy some 5 acres of the 68. None of our pools is as big as 50 meters. Yet the 50-meter pool is standard, and therefore necessary for our swimmers to be able to train for competition.

Bob Simon