Police Concerned about ‘Molly’/Ecstasy Use

Police Concerned about ‘Molly’/Ecstasy Use

Fairfax County Police Organized Crime and Narcotics Unit (OCN) detectives have seen approximately 168 cases involving MDMA – also known as ecstasy or “Molly” – an average of eight per month between January 2012 and August 2013.

MDMA is a semi-synthetic, chemical compound that has been increasing in popularity across the nation, especially among high-school and college-aged students. While it is most often seen in pill form, it also comes in powder and capsules.

This drug “Molly” can be a mixture of caffeine and speed and other stimulants; it’s known as a recreational psychoactive. And between January 2012 and August 2013, the OCN Unit seized some 16.67 pounds of MDMA and more than 3,000 pills.

Police remind residents that parents are still the strongest influencers in their children’s lives. They urge parents to help make their children, of all ages, safer by having a discussion about illegal drugs.

The Unified Prevention Coalition and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America suggest that parents “Make time to talk with children; explain the risks of these drugs. Learn the signs of drug use and how to intervene. Go to www.drugfree.org/. Educate family members on the harmful effects of drugs; make it clear you don’t approve of drug use. Be vigilant and don’t panic; help is available. Secure prescription drugs in the home. Get involved; learn more at http://unifiedpreventioncoalition.org/.”