Certificates of Congratulations Given at Council Session

Certificates of Congratulations Given at Council Session

Pride of Herndon Marching Band and John Mosesso recognized.

“We have several presentations this evening and we are very excited about all of them because this is the stuff that makes living in Herndon the great place that it is,” said Mayor Lisa Merkel. Merkel was speaking at the Jan. 14 Herndon Town Council Public Session, and she invited town councilmember Melissa Jonas to read the official Certificate of Congratulations for the Herndon High School's “Pride of Herndon” Marching Band.

The Town Council honored the band and director Kathleen Jacoby for their exceptional performance in Hawaii for the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade this past December. Herndon High School students and members of the Pride of Herndon marching band Lizzie Pater and Christian Sheppard recounted their experience and excitement at being awarded Grand Champion honors for their parade performance. “This has been one of the most influential trips I have been on, and I will be eternally grateful,” said Sheppard.

The councilmembers and Merkel told the band how proud they were, and remarked on how well the band represented the Town of Herndon to the country. “You guys are a rare breed,” said councilmember Charlie Waddel. “I’m a little in awe of what you accomplished … you made your parents proud and honored the veterans, thank you.”

“You got to touch history,” said councilmember Sheila Olem.

“Pride of Herndon” band members thanked the Town of Herndon for its support and shared a photo slideshow of their trip to Hawaii. A certificate of appreciation was also given to JT Sidhu, an airport operations supervisor for United Airlines who helped make sure chaperone guidelines were met and helped the band secure a $5,000 discount on shipping the band’s instruments and equipment to Hawaii. Sidhu graduated from Herndon High in 1998.

The Town Council made another proclamation recognizing John Mosesso, honoring him for more than 20 years of volunteerism and leadership to chair and organize the annual Herndon High School Homecoming Parade. Mosesso was also recognized for his volunteerism provided to other organizations including, the annual Herndon Festival and the Herndon Festival Planning Committee, the Girls Scouts, and the former Greater Herndon Jaycees. Mosesso is leaving the position of chair for the annual Herndon Homecoming Parade, which has become a signature Herndon event.

“This is just one of the many people who have made Herndon such a wonderful place to live,” said Olem. “Thanks for everything you have done.”

“I commend you for all your years of service, we will miss you terribly,” said councilmember Grace Wolf.

Mosesso was awarded a ceremonial key of the Town of Herndon. “He kept the parade going when nobody else stepped up to do it,” said Herndon Town Manager Arthur Anselene. “It has been a pleasure to work with John with both the parade and the Herndon festival.”

One more group of certificates was given out, and that was for winners of the 2013 “Dress Up Herndon for the Holidays” contest, operated by The Cultivating Communities Initiative. Lynn Schumaker read a list of winners who were then invited to come up and receive their certificates of appreciation. Among those who picked up the certificates were David Hartnett, Ken Marter, and Nilton and his wife Arita Carhuallanqui.

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