Alexandria Resident Writes Children's Book

Alexandria Resident Writes Children's Book

“Polly Peacock and the Pink Flamingos” explores self-acceptance.


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Emilie Bair

Alexandria resident and account executive Emilie Bair’s new children’s book “Polly Peacock and the Pink Flamingos,” teaching children about self-acceptance, was released nationwide in August.

The book focuses on a young peacock named Polly learning to accept her differences as gains the acceptance of the Pink Flamingos, a flock of birds who previously bullied Polly because of her differences.

“I think all of us have witnessed it at some point in time. My heart breaks for people who have actually been through it, and I regret playing the role of bystander in some instances growing up,” Bair said.

She also believes that many individuals can be their own bullies, which is another reason she stresses self-acceptance in the book.

“When thinking about what the most important advice I could offer to kids, it was to love and accept themselves and others. I mean, I think that’s great advice for everyone,” she said.

While many authors have an extensive writing and editing process, composing “Polly Peacock and the Pink Flamingos” was an easy process for the new author. During a creative writing course in high school, she was assigned to write a children’s book. She decided to write about a wacky bird’s journey toward self-acceptance.

Years later, she decided to follow her teacher’s advice and publish the story. She immediately begin shopping it around to various publishers. While writing the manuscript took only a week, getting it published was a much longer journey.

Bair credits her high school friend and illustrator Trent Barfield in helping her bring her vision of Polly Peacock and her fictional world to life on the page through his creative and vivid illustrations.

“Polly Peacock and the Pink Flamingos” is available through the publisher at, or by visiting or It is also available at bookstores nationwide.

Café Amouri in Vienna is holding a book reading for “Polly Peacock and the Pink Flamingos” in September. In addition, Bair will be speaking at various local elementary schools this school year.

Readers can find other upcoming book readings and events through the Polly Peacock & The Pink Flamingos Facebook page.

Her favorite children’s stories were “Puff The Magic Dragon” and anything by Dr. Seuss.

“He’s my favorite. I hope I can create a world of make-believe as amazing as his,” she said.