SSTs Have Six Relays Continuing to All-Stars

SSTs Have Six Relays Continuing to All-Stars


Sully Station Relay Teams gather after their division win on Wednesday night.

The week of July 10 was full of records for the Sully Station SSTs. It was a beautiful week with scattered storms, and relay carnival, which is a day for relays from every team in the division to try to get times to go to all-stars.

Relay Carnival was on Wednesday, July 13 with 22 relays overall ready to fight for a spot in all-stars. The meet kicked off with the mixed aged relays, and almost immediately the boys not only received a first place but also a team record. Their finals time was a 1:55.42, a full second faster than the previous record set in 1998.

In relay carnival, each team receives a certain number of points, with 14 points for first place, 10 for second, 8 for 3rd, 6 for 4th, and so on until last place receives 2 points. Unless a team is disqualified, they will receive points.

Moving into the medley relays, the 8 and under boys received a 1:31.24, winning first place and creaming the record from 2013 by 5 seconds. The SSTs received 2nd place in both of the 9-10 medley relays, and also in the 11-12 girls relay. The 13-14 girls received 2nd as well, while the boys received 3rd.

Moving into freestyle relays, the SSTs began with yet another first place by the 8 and under boys relay, and a second place by the 9-10 girls. The 11-12 girls received a first place of 59.82, and the 13-14 girls won first place. The 13-14 boys won 3rd place, and the 15-18 boys ended the meet with a 2nd place in their 200 meter freestyle relay. The meet ended with Sully Station Swim team winning a combined score of 194, winning the division champ of the relays.

The SSTs have six relays continuing to All-Stars, including both boys 8 and under, boys and girls 9-10 freestyle, both 13-14 girls, and mixed age boys.

The “A” meet against Arlington Forest was on July 16. In a hard-fought swim by all swimmers, Sully Station finally fell to Arlington Forest, losing its first meet of the season. The meet began with Luke Campet and Katherine McArthur winning first place in the 25 meter freestyle. The meet continued, with Sully Station slowly gaining a lead over Arlington Forest throughout freestyle and backstroke. Elise Mozeleski broke the team record for her 50 meter backstroke, and received first place in the event. However, after backstroke, Arlington Forest slowly began recapturing the lead, and were beating Sully Station by 5 points by relays. They proceeded to win the meet, making both teams have the same record of 4-1.