Six Area Students Named Regional Finalists in Siemens Competition

Six Area Students Named Regional Finalists in Siemens Competition

— Six students in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) have been named regional finalists in the 2016 Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology. The students, who attend McLean High School and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST), are part of a group of 97 regional finalists who will compete in one of six regional events in November.

Finalists include: Kelly Cho, TJHSST; Shinbe Choi, McLean High School; Harriet Khang, TJHSST; Elizabeth Ling, TJHSST; Richard Lun, TJHSST. And Lauryn Wu, TJHSST.

In addition to the six students who qualified as finalists, 32 FCPS students were named semifinalists in the 2016 Siemens competition: Naman Baraya, TJHSST; Katherine Barbano, TJHSST; George Cao.

McLean High School; Ekaterina Forkin, Oakton High School; Emily He, TJHSST; Jerry Huang, TJHSST; Eugene Jeong, TJHSST; Brian Kim.

Langley High School; Kavya Kopparapu, TJHSST; Neeyanth Kopparapu, TJHSST; Joyce Liu, TJHSST; Vishnu Nair, TJHSST; Christopher Niu, TJHSST; Mihir Patel, TJHSST; Shwetark Patel, TJHSST; Siona Prasad, TJHSST; Carolyn Qu.

Oakton High School; Nikhil Sardana, TJHSST; Suhas Sastry, TJHSST; Vikram Shivakumar, TJHSST; Ashwin Srinivasan, TJHSST; Edward Sun, TJHSST; Rohan Taneja, TJHSST; Chenming Wang, Langley High School; Andrew Wang, TJHSST; Charles Wang, TJHSST; Eric Wang, TJHSST; William Xu, TJHSST; Lydia You, TJHSST; Arnold Zhang, TJHSST; Justin Zhang, TJHSST; Christine Zhao, TJHSST.

The Siemens Competition is the nation’s premier research competition for high school students and is administered by Discovery Education. At each regional competition, individuals and teams compete to advance to the national finals at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., in December. More than 1,600 projects were submitted to the 2016 Siemens Competition.