Arlington Letter: Investment in Children

Arlington Letter: Investment in Children

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Our children are our future and as they head back to school this fall, we should reflect on the future of our Commonwealth.

With Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam as Governor, Virginia’s children and our future would be in great hands. As a practicing physician in Virginia, Ralph dedicated his career to healing children. And as Lieutenant Governor he continued his dedication to our children by chairing the Commonwealth Council on Childhood Success that secured $15.5 million in budget recommendations to provide early childhood intervention services to at-risk children through a network of public-private partnerships.

Ralph knows that a child’s success begins with a healthy family. He led the effort in the General Assembly to expand access to a full range of reproductive health care services so women can plan for their families and their future. Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Health, Dr. Marissa Levine endorsed the pilot program when she stated that the Commonwealth Council on Childhood Success recommendations "will allow us to build on our efforts to give families the strongest possible start."

Lieutenant Governor Northam also knows that education is fundamental for success and early education is critical. So it’s no surprise that because of the Council's leadership, Virginia won a federal grant to create 13,000 available spots for low-income children to attend pre-K education programs. These early education programs are essential in

providing the foundation for a successful future.

While it may seem early, the 2017 Governor's race will dictate the future Virginia will have. My vote is with the children's governor.

Taylor S Pool