Herndon Letter: Positive Leadership

Herndon Letter: Positive Leadership

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has been serving our area well for 7 years now – first in the House of Delegates for 5 years, and now as our Congresswoman for the past two years. As she said she would two years ago, she hit the ground running to be a leader for our region like Congressman Frank Wolf. She focused on our priorities like she said she would and as the only Member of the Transportation Committee in the region, she played a key role in passing the 5 year transportation bill and the FAA bill that helps Dulles Airport and our region.

I’m also particularly pleased with her support and work on the 21st century cures bill which would provide FDA reforms and more research funding for chronic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Barbara understands that this is a critical time when private resources are also advancing cures and we can create a great private-public partnership to save both lives and the vast resources that these diseases cost us. She’s also been a leader on fighting human trafficking – first in the state legislature and now in Congress where they passed bipartisan legislation.

Finally, I have enjoyed seeing the growing Young Women’s Leadership Program that she started four years ago for our high school and junior high girls. In this program she brings together women leaders in our area to educate our young women on taking advantage of all of the opportunities they have available. This is the kind of positive leadership our young people need to see in these challenging times where politics can be so ugly.

Meaghan Pedati