Commentary: Life and Death of Bills

Commentary: Life and Death of Bills

The legislature has already heard about half of the bills I patroned this session, and I have a few wins and defeats.

My legislation to allow seniors to renew their IDs — not driver's licenses — online every time was amended to sync the ID renewal period to that of the driver's license renewal period, to 8 years from 5 years. The amended legislation passed the subcommittee unanimously, and the full committee with only a couple votes in opposition. It will then come before the full House of Delegates on Monday.

Another bill that I am carrying for the administration on reporting of aliens to the criminal records exchange via a method of the Department of Corrections' choosing passed through subcommittee unanimously, and will be heard in the next full Courts of Justice committee.

My legislation to allow seniors 80 and older to vote absentee without needing an excuse was tabled in Privileges and Elections, and my legislation to require seat belt use in the back seat was tabled with a 4-4 vote. The transportation subcommittee also tabled my legislation to require new school buses to come equipped with seat belts.

In the coming week, I'll have hearings on several more bills and hope to have my first bill of the session pass the House.

It is an honor to serve you in Richmond.