Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Be Mindful of Rhetoric

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Be Mindful of Rhetoric

As an American Muslim, I owe the greatest amount of gratitude to our founding fathers for creating a Constitution that allows me to freely worship my religion. Ahmadi Muslims around the globe, especially in Muslim countries are rounded up and persecuted just for the crime of practicing their faith. Over the past years, hundreds of Ahmadis have been killed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc.

However, here in the Home of the Free, us, Ahmadi Muslims, can freely worship the way we wish to without any worries of harm coming to us and thus wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July. Yet, while we appreciate the freedoms that this country gives us, we implore the citizens of this great country and especially its elected leaders to be mindful of their rhetoric. Demeaning Islam and its teachings and sowing the seeds of hatred will not help this country move forward and will not help us to get together and fight against our common enemy, extremism.

May God bless America!

Haris Qamar